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Subdetection Unit is a local specialty in Fontaine that can be used for character ascension in Genshin Impact. Here is a guide on how to use it, its location, and the best route to farm this local specialty.

Subdetection Unit Map Location & Best Farming Routes

Here is the map location of the Subdetection Unit Location Map. (Click on Image to view bigger image)

Subdetection Unit Location Genshin Impact

Subdetection Unit Best Farming Routes

We created this route in order to farm faster and more efficiently by using Teleporter and Statue of 7 to make it closer to the Subdetection Unit Location which players spend less time collecting.

Subdetection Unit Location Genshin Impact

What is Subdetection Unit?

Subdetection Unit is a Fontaine local specialty that can be found in the wild in the Fontaine Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. This detection unit produced by Fontaine Research Institute using new models of artificed components. Its original purpose was monitoring all kinds of environmental data. These units were originally cooperatively managed by the Advanced Artificed Technology Research and Development Department and the Natural Ecological Environment Monitoring Department, where the former was in charge of manufacturing and deployment of the detection units while the latter was responsible for collecting and sorting data. Now that the latter department has been dismissed due to a previous experimental accident, only the former department's duties are now being performed by the Fontaine Research Institute.

How to get Subdetection Unit?

The Subdetection Unit isn't available to purchase in any shop yet. However, there are 64 Subdetection Units that you can collect in the Fontaine research area, and after that you need to wait for 48 hours for the reset and collect them again or you can try to get into other people who don't need it and ask them to collect it.

Characters that use Subdetection Unit

  • Wriothesley
    • Subdetection Unit is one of the materials to ascend his level and in order to ascend him to the maximum level you need to collect 168 in total.

End of Subdetection Unit - Location & Best Farm Route.