Best Genshin Healer Tier List (2024)

In Genshin Impact, Healers are the unsung heroes that keep your team alive by providing HP support in fights. Need a top-tier healer for your team? - let's find the perfect one for you!

Best Genshin Healer Tier List 2024 - zilliongamer

Down below is an in-depth explanation of which characters have more potential in the fight and choosing the best tier for them.

Tier S

Kokomi is the best healer in Genshin Impact due to consistent AOE healing that scales of her HP. She team up well with Pyro DPS to output very high damage, and with Cryo for crowd control support. She's the most reliable healer.

Best Genshin Healer | Tier S - zilliongamer

Bennett is a great healer! His burst heals quickly and powerfully inside the zone while also boost massive ATK buff to his team. He team up well with most characters which make him very popular in a lot of team comps.

Tier A

Best Genshin Healer | Tier A - zilliongamer

Jean relied her Elemental Burst (Dandelion Breeze) to heal a big amount of HP and continuous regen her team inside the Anemo field for 3 seconds and can pull enemies together. She's only important for emergency healing.

Diona can keep your team safe by healing and shielding with her elemental burst. She team up well with Hydro to freeze enemies, Electro to reduces enemies physical resistances, and Pyro for increasing big damage spike.

Sayu can heal her team with her elemental burst and causes Swirl when Sayu uses her wind power on nearby enemies with Pyro, Hydro, Cryro, and Electro dealing extra damage while increase a good amount of her mobility.

Tier B

Noelle, Barbara, Qiqi, and Kuki Shinobu are solid healers, but they're not the most versatile characters. Noelle can shield and fight a bit. Barbara's good for Hydro stuff. Qiqi can keep you topped up with heals and use Cryo. Kuki Shinobu applies Electro and can dish out some damage too.

Tier C

Tier C characters are Situational healers. They don't have as high healing output as the characters in the higher tiers, but they can provide some utility to their team. Xingqiu reduces damage and adds Hydro, Gorou boosts defense, Zhongli provide shields, Yaoyao uses Dendro and heals, and Mika boosts healing while adding Cryo.

Tier D

Dori, Faruzan, Xinyan, and Candace are all niche healers.  They don't heal as much and also don't provide as much utility. Dori helps your team recharge energy. Faruzan can provide an Anemo DMG bonus. Xinyan can provide a shield and deal damage. Candace can apply Hydro and deal damage.


In conclusion, The best healer in Genshin entirely depends on your team composition, playstyle, and different boss fights you are facing. Try out different healers to find the perfect fit your you.

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