Juvenile Jade

Juvenile Jade is an Elemental Stone material of Character Ascension Material in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Juvenile Jade - zilliongamer

Description: A crystalline substance taken from a Primo Geovishap. Within it is contained the potential to become a dragon. These dull crystals are precipitated within the bodies of Vishaps sleeping in the mountains. Liyue folklore holds that they will gather power over many years, after which this crystal will, at last, replace their original heart, and the Vishap will become a true dragon - one the can shake the mountains and split the earth.

Item TypeElemental Stone
Rarity4 Stars

How to Get Juvenile Jade

There is 1 source to obtain Juvenile Jade:

  • Source 1: Dropped by Lv.30+ Geovishaps

Character That Use Juvenile Jade

Genshin Imapct character: Xiao - zilliongamerXiaoGenshin Imapct character: Hu Tao - zilliongamerHu Tao
Genshin Imapct character: Yanfei - zilliongamerYanfei 

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