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Find Xiao character tier, talents, and ascension in Genshin Impact here.

Xiao Overview

In order to unlock Xiao you need to do limited wish.

Genshin Imapct character: Xiao - zilliongamer

Xiao is a character in Liyue of Genshin Impact. Xiao is a tier A character with anemo element, and use polearm as the weapon.

Rarity5 Stars
ElementAnemo (Wind)

Talents Info

Whirlwind Thrust

Whirlwind Thrust Talent | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

Whirlwind consists of 3 attacks such as Normal and Charged attack.

Normal Attack

Perform up to 6 rapid strikes.

Charged Attack

Dive down and impact the ground, causing damage relative to the falling height. Can only be triggered in mid-air.

Lemniscatic Wind Cycling

Leminscatic Wind Cycling Talent | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

He lunges forward, dealing Anemo DMG to enemies along the path.

Can be used in mid-air.

Has 2 charges to begin with.

Bane of All Evil

Bane of All Evil Talent | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

Takes on the form of the yaksha that terrified both demons and archons alike millennia ago. For its duration, increases Xiao's attack range and DMG, while converting damage type to Anemo and enhancing Xiao's jumping ability.

Maintaining this form continuously drains Xiao's HP.

Passive Info

Evil Conqueror - Tamer of Demons

Evil Conqueror - Tamer of Demons | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

Starting Bane of All Evil increases Xiao's DMG by 5%. After this, Xiao's DMG continues to increase by 5% every 3s until the skill ends. Max 25% increase.

Dissolution Eon - Heaven Fall

Dissolution Eon - Heaven Fall | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

When Lemniscatic Wind Cycling is used, increases all subsequent Lemniscatic Wind Cycling's DMG by 10% for 6s. Max 3 stacks. Duration refreshes with new stacks.

Transcension - Gravity Defier

Transcension - Gravity Defier | Xiao Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

Decreases all party member's falling DMG by 30%.

The greatest effect out of all Talents of the same type prevails.

Xiao Constellations

Dissolution Eon - Destroyer of Worlds

Increases Lemniscatic Wind Cycling's charges by 1.

Annihilation Eon - Blossom of Kaleidos

When in party but not the currently active character, Xiao's Energy Recharge is increased by 25%.

Evil Conqueror - Wrath Deity

Increases the Level of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling by 3.

Maximum upgrade Level is 15.

Transcension - Extinction of Suffering

When Xiao's HP falls below 50%, gains a 100% DEF Bonus.

Evolution Eon - Origin of Ignorance

Increase the Level of Bane of All Evil by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Evil Conqueror - Vigilant Yaksha

During Bane of All Evil, hitting 2 or more enemies with a Charged Attack grants Lemniscatic Wind Cycling 1 additional charge and reduces Lemniscatic Wind Cycling's CD by 1s.

Xiao Ascension

Find out how and what to require to Ascension Xiao here.


x1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver

x3 Qingxin

x3 Firm Arrowhead


x3 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

x2 Hurricane Seed

x10 Qingxin

x15 Firm Arrowhead


x6 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

x4 Hurricane Seed

x20 Qingxin

x12 Sharp Arrowhead


x3 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

x8 Hurricane

x30 Qingxin

x18 Sharp Arrowhead


x6 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

x12 Hurricane Seed

x45 Qingxin

x16 Historic Arrowhead


x6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

x20 Hurricae Seed

x60 Qingxin

x24 Historic Arrowhead


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