Tourmaline is a normal gem in Diablo Immortal that add bonus damage to your items.

Tourmaline Stats & How To Get

Find Tourmaline stats, and how to get this gem here.

Gem RankGem Stats
Diablo Immortal Tourmaline Rank 1 Stats - zilliongamerTourmaline (Rank 1)+8 Damage
Diablo Immortal Tourmaline Rank 2 Stats - zilliongamerTourmaline (Rank 2)+16 Damage
Diablo Immortal Tourmaline Rank 3 Stats - zilliongamerTourmaline (Rank 3)+28 Damage
Diablo Immortal Tourmaline Rank 4 Stats - zilliongamerTourmaline (Rank 4)+44 Damage
Diablo Immortal Tourmaline Rank 5 Stats - zilliongamerTourmaline (Rank 5)+68 Damage

Tourmaline is a powerful gem that increase damage attribute to your character make you deal higher DPS overall and it is equipable on secondary items such as Neck, Fingers, Heads, Waist, and Feet.

There are several ways to get Tourmaline gem such as:

  • Defeat Hidden Lairs.
  • Purchase from Hilts Trader.
  • Purchase from Market.

The easiest way to get Tourmaline gem is to buy it inside Market. You can find Dya [Market NPC] in Rakkis Plaza of Westmarch town.

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