Citrine is a normal gem in Diablo Immortal that add Potency to your items and characters.

Citrine Stats & How To Get

Find Citrine stats, and how to get this gem here.

Gem RankGem Stats

Diablo Immortal Citrine Rank 1 Stats - zilliongamerCitrine (Rank 1)

+8 Potency

Diablo Immortal Citrine Rank 2 Stats - zilliongamerCitrine (Rank 2)

+16 Potency
Diablo Immortal Citrine Rank 3 Stats - zilliongamerCitrine (Rank 3)+24 Potency
Diablo Immortal Citrine Rank 4 Stats - zilliongamerCitrine(Rank 4)+36 Potency
Diablo Immortal Citrine Rank 5 Stats - zilliongamerCitrine (Rank 5)+56 Potency

Citrine is a powerful gem that increase potency attribute to your character and it is equipable on a secondary items such as Neck, Fingers, Heads, Waist, and feet.

There are several ways to get Citrine gem such as:

  • Defeat Hidden Lairs.
  • Purchase from Hilts Trader.
  • Purchase from Market.

The easiest way to get Citrine gem is to buy it inside Market. You can find Dya [Market NPC] in Rakkis Plaza of Westmarch town.

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