Chimeraland How to Evolve Illustrious Tengu

Here is information about how to Evolve Lupine into Illustrious Tengu in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about evolving Illustrious Tengu.

Illustrious Tengu Stats

Down below is Illustrious Tengu base stats:

Max ATK QualityMax HP QualityMax DEF Quality

Note: Illustrious Tengu stat will increase based on their Level.

Illustrious Tengu Evolve

Illustrious Tengu is a legendary pet you can evolve Lupine in to Illustrious Tengu or Noble Tengu. We'll show you how to evolve your Lupine pet into Illustrious Tengu down below:

First of all you need a pet Lupine you can find Lupine on beane filitter beach, plains, deserts, and mountains usually lupine can be found in deserts.

Down below is Lupine Location:

Lupine is easy to find you can capture them using rare grade Mustard Shot X-Box or higher grade to capture them.

Chimeraland how to evolve pet Lupine into Illustrious Tengu you must have your pet Lupine devour special Strange Beasts to obtain certain parts of their body.

To evolve Lupine you need to devour it with Snopine and Common Gripine to obtain parts of their body.

Snopine Location

You can find Snopine in Westerus Island, Eastmount, Mount Terra, and snowy mount down below is the location of Snopine.

After you have Snopine devour it with your pet Lupinewhen devouring successfully the game will give you the option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain Snopine's Head.

Make sure when you capture Snopine you don't need Snopine egg you need a regular Snopine in order to spawn it while you summoning your pet.

After you spawn both of them you'll be able to devour it with your pet sometime devour fail and you pet will gainexperience and when it success you can replace the body parts

Note: when capturing Snopine you need a regular Snopine to devour with your pet you don't need Snopine's egg.

Common Gripine

You can easily find Common Gripine all over the world you can capture them using Common Mustard Shot X-Bow to capture them.

After you have got Snopine's Head now it's time for Gripine. Just like the Snopine you need to devour it with your pet Lupine when devouring successfully the game will give you the option to replace the body parts you need to obtain Gripine's Tail.

When you get Snopine's Head and Gripine's Tail you need one more material Illustrious Tengu Pill to evolve Lupine into Illustrious Tengu. 

For Illustrious Tengu Pill You can get it by purchasing it in the Shop cost 5980 Ruby to get Ruby you need to exchange Amber for Ruby.

Illustrious Tengu Pill unlike the other Pill it can't be crafted the only way to get it is to buy it in the Shop.

Spirit Witch Trahaern Location

Chimeraland pet evolve once you have Illustrious Tengu Pill go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found on a small island at Eastmount talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your Illustrious Tengu pet.

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