Chimeraland How to Evolve Noble Golden Crow

Here is information about how to Evolve Condor into Noble Golden Crow in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about evolving Noble Golden Crow.

Noble Golden Crow Stats

Down below is Noble Golden Crow base stats:

Max ATK QualityMax HP QualityMax DEF Quality

Note: Noble Golden Crow stat will increase based on Level.

Noble Golden Crow Evolve

First of all you need a pet Condor you can find Condor on snowy peaks, plains, deserts, and mountains. Condor is easy to find you can capture them using rare grade Mustard Shot X-Box or higher to capture them.

To evolve Condor into Noble Golden Crow you must have your Condor devour special Strange Beasts to obtain certain parts of their body.

Condor Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need a Rare Grade or higherMustard Shot X-Box to catch Condor.

Vuldo Location

Vuldo can be found in Vestmount, Dark Plains, Marshy Riverside, Storm Pearl Cliffs, Westerus Island, and more.

Vuldo Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

After you have Vuldo Devour it with your Condor, when devouring successfully the game will give you the option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain Vuldo's Head.

Note: when capturing Vuldo you need regular Vuldo to devour with your pet you don't need Vuldo's egg.

White Condor Location

White Condor can be found in Mount Terra, Bitvi Plains, Mount Altruis, Mount Pascal, and more.

White Condor Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Just like Vuldo you need to devour White Condor with your Condor when devouring successfully the game will give you the option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain White Condor Tail.

After you get Vuldo Head and White Condor Tail you need one more material Noble Golden Crow Pill to evolve Condor into Noble Golden Crow. 

For Noble Golden Crow Pill You can get it by purchasing it in the Shop cost 3480 Ruby to get Ruby you need to exchange Amber for Ruby. Noble Golden Crow Pill can also be crafted using Elixir Maker II at home.

Materials to craft Noble Golden Crow Pill:

Chimeraland Searching Materials: Fine Jade Liquid - zilliongamerFine Jade LiquidPrimal
Chimeraland Searching Materials: Dragon Pill - zilliongamerCray PillChimeraland Searching Materials: Flamebug Primal Spirit - zilliongamerFlamebug Primal Spirit
  • Fine Jade LiquidChimeraland Searching Materials: Fine Jade Liquid - zilliongamer Obtain by Auction House, Hunt a Noble Beast, and Explore the world.
  • PrimalChimeraland Materials: Primal - zilliongamer Obtain from shattering Limited Blood Eggs.
  • Dragon Pill Chimeraland Searching Materials: Dragon Pill - zilliongamer Obtain by Auction House, Hunt the ocean beast Noble Cray, and Explore the world.
  • Flamebug Primal Spirit Chimeraland Searching Materials: Flamebug Primal Spirit - zilliongamer Obtain by Auction House, Purchase Illustrious Hunt Prize Pack from Grocer or Home Shop, Hunt the Illustrious Beast, and Explore the world.

Spirit Witch Trahaern Location

Once you have Noble Golden Pill go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found on a small island at Eastmount talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your Noble Golden Crow.

Spirit Witch Trahaern | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

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