The Best Way to get Mermaid Attendant in Chimeraland

There are many types of Mermaid their quality determines the upper limit of their growth attribute from C level to S level. Find out everything you should know about Mermaid Attendant here.

How to Capture Mermaid

You can capture Mermaid using Rare Grade Fishing Rod or higher in the deep sea. You also can get them by purchasing gift packs in Shop.

Mermaid Pack | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

The Best Sport to capture Mermaid:

Eastmouth Fishing Sport | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Eastmouth Fishing Sport you can teleport to the Center Pillar Vuldo Plains of Rainbow Meadows.

Southmouth Fishing Sport | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

You can go to the Habor in Burnt plains, and Calamity Plains. There is a deep sea nearby.

Westmouth Fishing Sport | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Westmouth is the best spot to catch mermaids, teleport to Kotalo Quay of Swamp, westmouth there is a deep sea nearby.

How to get Mermaid Attendant

To train Mermaid attendants first you need to prepare a fish tank. The fish tank can obtain by purchasing it from Shop Stillwater Fishpond cost 1280 Amber or you can unlock the fish tank Garret Pool, Patterned basic pool, and Framed pool through the soil ability Yuling.

Mermaid Attendant | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

In a single house can store three fish tanks and raise fish at the same time and each tank can only raise one Merlings.

You need to pay attention to Merling's satiety when feeding them, if their satiety is zero Merling will die. Merlings will die if Merlings fall asleep state, you need to wait and feed them with patience until they wake up.

Merlings can enter the feeding state after begin put into the fish tank. You need to make sure your Merlings have enough food to overcome the advanced stage.

They need a certain amount of time to complete the advanced transformation. You can feed Merlings Hormones Stone | Chimeraland - zilliongamer Hormones Pearl to Shorten the waiting time.

Note: Hormones Pearl can only be obtained by releasing Grade B Mermaids.

Mermaid State Food | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

There are six stages, we recommended that you need to prepare Seaweed Feast, Pearly Feast, and Coral Feast in advance when planning to raise.

Mermaid State Cap | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Merlings have 50% chance of becoming an attendant or evolving into a more advanced every time they advance.

Stillwater Fishpond | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: Stillwater Fishpond can prevent Merlings from dying when their satiety is zero.

Mermaid types

Here is Mermaid type, weapon, modeling, and 2nd stage exclusive food:

AttendantSeraphin | Chimeraland - zilliongamerLuna | Chimeraland - zilliongamerJade | Chimeraland - zilliongamer
WeaponVirtuoso X-BowVirtuoso Compact X-BowVirtuoso short X-Bow
2nd stage foodDeep Fried MeatFruit SauceFishball Soup
AttendantAstra | Chimeraland - zilliongamerTwinkle | Chimeraland - zilliongamerVioletine | Chimeraland - zilliongamer
WeaponVirtuoso FirearmsVirtuoso DartsVirtuoso joint Firearms
2nd stage foodCold Lime BrothSpicy Red BrothSpiced Mushrooms
AttendantAgni | Chimeraland - zilliongamerSiren | Chimeraland - zilliongamerMoonset | Chimeraland - zilliongamer
WeaponVirtuoso mighty X-BowVirtuoso Multi X-BowVirtuoso Flash X-Bow
2nd stage foodScallion Meat SkewersDrunken FishMushroom Broth
AttendantEmeraldine | Chimeraland - zilliongamerImmortia | Chimeraland - zilliongamerWisteria | Chimeraland - zilliongamer
WeaponVirtuoso short X-BowVirtuoso mighty X-BowVirtuoso Long X-Bow
2nd stage foodCucumber SauceGarlic SteakDrunken Fish