Chimeraland Egg Rare Grade

Find detail of Chimeraland Rare Eggs grade here featuring egg details, tier, and how to obtain it. eggs can be hatch into a pet.

Rare Eggs Detail

An egg formed through pet breeding. A pet can be obtained from the Hatcher in the home. There more people there are incubating it, the faster it hatches.

It can be placed on the ground to refine pets attributes by 1-3 and increase fullness by 200.

Note: Pets can only devour eggs when their Fullness is blow 90%.

All Rare Egg Tier, and How to Obtain it

Chimeraland Rare Egg: Horned Bosalo - zilliongamer

  • Tier: 3 Fine.
  • How to get it: Go to the Auction House to obtain, and Obtained from hunting.

Note: All Rare Grade Eggs have the same Detail, Tier, and How to Obtain.

List of Rare Grade Eggs

Chimeraland Rare Egg: Alligon - zilliongamerAlligonChimeraland Rare Egg: Camel - zilliongamerCamelChimeraland Rare Egg: Stoneppo - zilliongamerStoneppo
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Spike Stoneppo - zilliongamerSpike StoneppoChimeraland Rare Egg: Plate Stoneppo - zilliongamerPlate StoneppoChimeraland Rare Egg: Condor - zilliongamerCondor
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Spike Alligon - zilliongamerSpike AlligonChimeraland Rare Egg: Grouguana - zilliongamerGrouguanaChimeraland Rare Egg: Newt - zilliongamerNewt
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Lupine - zilliongamerLupineChimeraland Rare Egg: Snopine - zilliongamerSnopineChimeraland Rare Egg: Gripine - zilliongamerGripine
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Beetlefly - zilliongamerBeetleflyChimeraland Rare Egg: Fortuphant - zilliongamerFortuphantChimeraland Rare Egg: Horned Fortuphant - zilliongamerHorned Fortuphant
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Spike Fortuphant - zilliongamerSpike FortuphantChimeraland Rare Egg: Plate Fortuphant - zilliongamerPlate FortuphantChimeraland Rare Egg: Rhino - zilliongamerRhino
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Spike Rhino - zilliongamerSpike RhinoChimeraland Rare Egg: Spear Rhino - zilliongamerSpear RhinoChimeraland Rare Egg: Horned Rhino - zilliongamerHorned Rhino
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Wolfspider - zilliongamerWolfspiderChimeraland Rare Egg: Scorab - zilliongamerScorabChimeraland Rare Egg: Warcrab - zilliongamerWarcrab
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Vuldo - zilliongamerVuldoChimeraland Rare Egg: Grizzly - zilliongamerGrizzlyChimeraland Rare Egg: Plate Grizzly - zilliongamerPlate Grizzly
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Spike Grizzly - zilliongamerSpike GrizzlyChimeraland Rare Egg: Gratoise - zilliongamerGratoise Chimeraland Rare Egg: Horsedeer - zilliongamerHorsedeer
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Leoparbeak - zilliongamerLeoparbeakChimeraland Rare Egg: Litiger - zilliongamerLitigerChimeraland Rare Egg: Plate Litiger - zilliongamerPlate Litiger
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Lotus Horsedeer - zilliongamerLotus HorsedeerChimeraland Rare Egg: Gold Horsedeer - zilliongamerGold HorsedeerChimeraland Rare Egg: Bosalo - zilliongamerBosalo
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Horned Bosalo - zilliongamerHorned BosaloChimeraland Rare Egg: Platyzard - zilliongamerPlatyzardChimeraland Rare Egg: Rockboar - zilliongamerRockboar
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Halcyonet - zilliongamerHalcyonetChimeraland Rare Egg: Zebrafish - zilliongamerZebrafishChimeraland Rare Egg: Shark - zilliongamerShark
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Peacock Fish - zilliongamerPeacock FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Frontosa - zilliongamerFrontosaChimeraland Rare Egg: Spotted Scat - zilliongamerSpotted Scat
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Gurnard - zilliongamerGurnardChimeraland Rare Egg: Puffer Fish - zilliongamerPufferFishChimeraland Rare Egg: Black Scraper - zilliongamerBlack Scraper
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Moonfish - zilliongamerMoonfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Grass carp - zilliongamerGrass carpChimeraland Rare Egg: Pirarucu - zilliongamerPirarucu
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Archerfish - zilliongamerArcherfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Cod - zilliongamerCodChimeraland Rare Egg: Hairtail - zilliongamerHairtail
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Goldfish - zilliongamerGoldfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Perciformes - zilliongamerPerciformesChimeraland Rare Egg: Red Starefish - zilliongamerRed Starefish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Bigeye - zilliongamerBigeyeChimeraland Rare Egg: Mako Shark - zilliongamerMako SharkChimeraland Rare Egg: Eyebiter - zilliongamerEyebiter
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Greensuit Fish - zilliongamerGreensuit FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Gold Barb - zilliongamerGold BarbChimeraland Rare Egg: Yellowfin - zilliongamerYellowfin
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Ray - zilliongamerRayChimeraland Rare Egg: Great White Shark - zilliongamerGreat White SharkChimeraland Rare Egg: Goldfin Carp - zilliongamerGoldfin Carp
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Boxfish - zilliongamerBoxfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Black Kingfish - zilliongamerBlack KingfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Mackerel - zilliongamerMackerel
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Stonespot Fish - zilliongamerStonespot FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Nibea - zilliongamerNibeaChimeraland Rare Egg: Purple Snapper - zilliongamerPurple Snapper
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Skewerfish - zilliongamerSkewerfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Porgies - zilliongamerPorgiesChimeraland Rare Egg: Yellow Boxfish - zilliongamerYellow Boxfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Gourami - zilliongamerGouramiChimeraland Rare Egg: Mousefish - zilliongamerMousefishChimeraland Rare Egg: Tigerfish - zilliongamerTigerfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Slimfish - zilliongamerSlimfishChimeraland Rare Egg: BlueJade Fish - zilliongamerBlueJade FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Titan Triggerfish - zilliongamerTitan Triggerfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Muddled Catfish - zilliongamerMuddled CatfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Mola - zilliongamerMolaChimeraland Rare Egg: Stingray - zilliongamerStingray
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Hilsa Herring - zilliongamerHilsa HerringChimeraland Rare Egg: Longfish - zilliongamerLongfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Titanfish - zilliongamerTitanfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Viperfish - zilliongamerViperfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Moorish Idol - zilliongamerMoorish IdolChimeraland Rare Egg: Wrasse - zilliongamerWrasse
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Bream - zilliongamerBreamChimeraland Rare Egg: Tang - zilliongamerTangChimeraland Rare Egg: Leopardfish - zilliongamerLeopardfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Bullet Mackerel - zilliongamerBullet MackerelChimeraland Rare Egg: Catfish - zilliongamerCatfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Pomfret - zilliongamerPomfret
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Barbled Dragonfish - zilliongamerBarbled DragonfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Butterflyfish - zilliongamerButterflyfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Shallowfish - zilliongamerShallowfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Blueswirl Fish - zilliongamerBlueswirl FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Phoenixfish - zilliongamerPhoenixfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Blue Butterflyfish - zilliongamerBlue Butterflyfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Pike - zilliongamerPikeChimeraland Rare Egg: Red-bellied Piranha - zilliongamerRed-bellied PiranhaChimeraland Rare Egg: Dace - zilliongamerDace
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Freshwater Carp - zilliongamerFreshwater CarpChimeraland Rare Egg: Eleotris - zilliongamerEleotrisChimeraland Rare Egg: Luna Lionfish - zilliongamerLuna Lionfish
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Firemouth Fish - zilliongamerFiremouth FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Spinibarbus - zilliongamerSpinibarbusChimeraland Rare Egg: White Condor - zilliongamerWhite Condor
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Snowbear - zilliongamerSnowbearChimeraland Rare Egg: Ashfoot Gripine - zilliongamerAshfoot GripineChimeraland Rare Egg: Brownfoot Gripine - zilliongamerBrownfoot Gripine
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Pelagia - zilliongamerPelagiaChimeraland Rare Egg: Angler Fish - zilliongamerAngler FishChimeraland Rare Egg: Vultura - zilliongamerVultura
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Rocat - zilliongamerRocatChimeraland Rare Egg: Stonog - zilliongamerStonogChimeraland Rare Egg: Trapa - zilliongamerTrapa
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Minare - zilliongamerMinareChimeraland Rare Egg: Sciorab - zilliongamerSciorabChimeraland Rare Egg: Leatis - zilliongamerLeatis
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Bufonidae - zilliongamerBufonidaeChimeraland Rare Egg: Greuana - zilliongamerGreuanaChimeraland Rare Egg: Jird - zilliongamerJird
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Shellcoon - zilliongamerShellcoonChimeraland Rare Egg: Shelleasel - zilliongamerShelleaselChimeraland Rare Egg: Fronder - zilliongamerFronder
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Centiwurm - zilliongamerCentiwurmChimeraland Rare Egg: Fluttairy - zilliongamerFluttairyChimeraland Rare Egg: Jadgeon - zilliongamerJadgeon
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Cregull - zilliongamerCregullChimeraland Rare Egg: Strallow - zilliongamerStrallowChimeraland Rare Egg: Ironect - zilliongamerIronect
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Clownfish - zilliongamerClownfishChimeraland Rare Egg: Blamprey - zilliongamerBlampreyChimeraland Rare Egg: Golquito - zilliongamerGolquito
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Craoot - zilliongamerCraootChimeraland Rare Egg: Cranow - zilliongamerCranowChimeraland Rare Egg: Staguin - zilliongamerStaguin
Chimeraland Rare Egg: Mallestial - zilliongamerMallestial