How to unlock New Sai COD Mobile’s New Melee | Unlock Guide

Sai is the newest melee that was released in COD Mobile Season 8. Find out how to get Sai for free by completing tasks down below.

First go to EventsSeasonalSai of Relief. Now you are inside the tasks that you need to do to unlock Sai’s melee.

how to unlock sai cod mobile season 8

Note: When completing these tasks, you must complete them in numerical order, you can’t skip a certain task, otherwise your task won’t count or be able to proceed to the next.

Tasks to unlock Sai Melee

Here are all tasks you need to complete in order to unlock Sai in COD Mobile:

  1. Use the UAV Scorestreak 3 times in MP matches.
  2. Earn 1000 points using Scorestreaks.
  3. Kill 5 Enemies with any Melee weapon in MP matches.
  4. Kill 10 Enemies with the Shadow Blade Operator skill in MP matches.
  5. Kill 15 Enemies with any Melee weapon in MP matches or Earn the Melee Master Medal twice in BR matches.
  6. Kill 15 Enemies with any Sai in MP matches.

Technically you will unlock Sai after completing the fifth task, but if you want a free Oden skin you can complete the sixth task as well.

Tip #1: Equip Hardline blue perk to gain faster scorestreak which will help you complete first and second tasks faster.

Tip #2: For Task number four, if you don’t have the Shadow Blade Operator skill, you can buy it in the Credit Store.

Sai Overview & Stats

In-game description: Sai is a dual-wield melee weapon capable of delivering swift thrusts and slashes. They have extended reach for frontal attacks, but limited swinging range on either side.

Fire Rate8

Overall, Sai is a great melee that’s added to COD Mobile to widen melee range so you have wider variety when it comes to choosing melee for your loadout.


In Short, To unlock Sai in COD Mobile, you need to complete several tasks in numerical order. It’s a great addition to the game to make you grind for free.