S36 VS UL736 Comparison

Find out the comparison between S36 vs UL736 in Call of Duty Mobile here.

The comparison is mainly focus on each gun stats, gun skin perks and weapon attachment did not compared.

S36 VS UL736 Overview

Find out the comparison of S36 and UL736 in COD Mobile here.

S36 and UL736 are arguably two of the best light machine gun in Call of Duty Mobile currently. Both guns have a lot of ammo that can kill multiple enemies in 1 magazine.

S36 VS UL736 Stats Comparison

Note: This is the original stats. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

Fire Rate7560


S36 vs UL736 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

S36 has more damage and fire rate than UL736 but is has less accuracy and range.

High damage: Having higher damage allows S36 to eleminate an enemy faster.

High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows S36 to shoot faster and with that damage it can eliminate multiple enemy extremely fast.


UL736 vs S36 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

UL736 has less damage and fire rate but it has higher accuracy and longer range.

High accuracy: Having high accuracy allows UL736 to hit enemy much easier and lighter recoil when firing.

High range: Having higher range allows UL736 to hit the enemy futher than S36.

Comparison Result

S36 win the comparison by having more damage and fire rate.

At this comparison you can see that S36 clearly having higher advantage than UL736 on both damage and fire rate.

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S36 took the first place of the best light machine gun by having higher damage and fire rate than UL736. Think the comparison result is not fair? Leave your comment down below.