MX9 Gunsmith Attachments List

Find all Gunsmith attachments for the new gun MX9 in Call of Duty Mobile here:

MX9 Attachments List

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Muzzle Attachments

OWC Light Suppressor


-5% Damage Range

Agency Suppressor


-10% Vertical Recol

-10% Damage Range

Infantry Compensator

-25% Vertical Recoil

+10% Horizontal Recoil

MIP Flashguard

Hidden Muzzle Flash

OWC Eliminator

Hidden Muzzle Flash

-15% Vertical Recoil

+5% Horizontal Recoil

RTC Muzzle Brake

-10% Vertical Recoil

Barrel Attachments

MIP Extended Light Barrel

+20% Damage Range

Built-In Silence Barrel


+8% Damage Range

Optic Attachments

Red Dot Sight


Holographic Sight


Tactical Scope


+7% ADS Time

3X Tactical Scope 1


+8% ADS Time

3X Tactical Scope 2


+8% ADS Time

3X Tactical Scope 3


+8% ADS Time

4X Tactical Scope


+10% ADS Time

Stock Attachments

No Stock

+30% Sprint-to-Fire Delay

-15% Hipfire Bullet Spread

Light Weight Stock

+20% ADS Movement Speed

Marathon Stock

-15% Sprint-to Fire Delay

Agile Stock

-20% Sprint-to-Fire Delay

+40% ADS Movement Speed

-20% Hipfire Bullet Spread

Laser Attachment

1mW Steady Aim Laser

-20% Hipfire Bullet Spread

5mW Combat laser

-40% Hipfire Bullet Spread

Visible Laser Sights

+8% ADS Time

Aim Assist Laser

-25% ADS Bullet Spread

Visible Laser Sights

Underbarrel Attachment

RTC Speed Foregrip

-15% Horizontal Recoil

+10% Sprint Speed

-5% Movement Speed

-5% ADS Movement Speed

Infiltrator Foregrip

+5% Movement Speed

+5% ADS Movement Speed


+30% Horizontal Recoil

Patrol Foregrip

+6% Sprint Speed

Filed Agent Foregrip

-10% Vertical Recoil

-40% Horizontal Recoil

-16% ADS Movement Speed

Ammunition Attachments

38 Round Fast Reload

+10 Magazine Capacity

+25% Reload Time

+8% ADS Time

Large Caliber Ammo

Body Part Damage Multiplier

+15% Sprint-to-Fire Delay

Rear Grip

Rustle Grip Tape

-20% ADS Time

Sturdy Grip Tape

-45% Hit Flinch

Firm Grip Tape

-25% ADS Time

-20% Hit Flinch

+15% Sprint-to-Fire Delay

End of MX9 Gunsmith Attachments List

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