DL Q33 VS Locus Comparison

Find out the comparison between DL Q33 vs Locus in Call of Duty Mobile here.

The comparison is mainly focus on each gun stats, gun skin perks and weapon attachment did not compared.

DL Q33 VS Locus Overview

Find out the comparison of DL Q33 and Locus in COD Mobile here.

The argument between DL Q33 and Locus to see which sniper has the best stats and good to use in Call of Duty Mobile. However, the Locus is hard to get in the currently game phase.

DL Q33 VS Locus Stats Comparison

Note: This is the original stats. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

StatsDL Q33Locus
Fire Rate1517

DL Q33

DL Q33 vs Locus Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

DL Q33 is more accurate than Locus sniper rifle.

Higher accuracy: Having higher accuracy allows DL Q33 to hit moving target much easier than Locus.


DL Q33 vs Locus Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

Locus has more damage and also fire rate than DL Q33.

Higher damage: Having higher damage allows Locus to to deal heavier damage.

Fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows Locus to shoot faster.

Comparison Result

Locus win the comparison by having more damage and fire rate than DL Q33.

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Locus took the first place against DL Q33 sniper rifle. Think the comparison result is not fair? Leave your comment down below.

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2 CommentsZilliongamer
  • AngelOfDeath

    commended 2020-04-08

    One thins ( NOT ON THE TOPIC OF GUNS ) this site is the best site and really the only site I use for Call Of Duty Mobile! I Thank You Very Much for all the info you guys take the time to inspect and check every gun and suit. Basically the BEST site for up to date Call of Duty Mobile information!!!
  • AngelOfDeath

    commended 2020-04-08

    I personally like the DL Q33 it’s the ONLY sniper that can 1 shot one kill even in the chest or body. The locus even th0ugh more damage can’t. It takes 2 shots unless you headshot.

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