COD Mobile Best Gun In Season 3 Beginner Should Use

If you are a new player who just start the game in COD Mobile and wanted to find the best gun to suit you, you've come to the right place my friend.

However, these guns will change once you start leveling up and gaining more credits.

Here are 4 best guns that beginner should use in Season 3:

1. M4

COD Mobile Best Gun in Season 3 For Beginner: M4 - zilliongamer

We all started here ~ The M4 is for those who just start playing the game and have no clue of how gun work in COD Mobile.

M4 has really good accuracy and high fire rate, the recoil of this thing is really easy to control.

Play around with M4 until you reach level 10 and get a good amount of credits somewhere around 1600 credits to upgrade yourself a new gun.

2. LK24

COD Mobile Best Gun in Season 3 For Beginner: LK24 - zilliongamer

After you get enough credits, hop into the credits store and purchase yourself a brand new gun call the LK24.

LK24 is a better version of M4, the gun has higher damage, faster fire rate, and can hit longer target. However, you will notice a little bit of recoil change.

Try to play with this gun until you get use to the game shooting mechanic and know how to control the recoil than upgrade yourself into this beast down here.

3. BK57

COD Mobile Best Gun in Season 3 For Beginner: BK57 - zilliongamer

Now you might have a good knowledge of how the gun work in COD Mobile and wanted to get a better stats gun that LK24. Well BK57 is 1 plus better than LK24.

BK57 has 1 higher damage and 1 higher fire rate than the LK24. This however, can help you to kill the enemy faster.

If you think that the 1 plus stats is not worth it you can skip the BK57 and go for the best gun in season 3 right now.

4. AK117

COD Mobile Best Gun in Season 3 For Beginner: AK117 - zilliongamer

If you have 3000 credits and want to spend it on the best gun that you can use in Season 3, AK117 is the best choice for you.

The gun has very high fire rate and moderate recoil, but from the recoil practice of M4 and LK24 you will be able to control AK117 recoil without ease.

You can purchase AK117 now for only 3000 credits, This is the best gun for 3 seasons now, you might want to have it.


In short, This is the 4 best gun in COD Mobile that you should start using also the number 4 gun is now the best to use in rank as well.