COD Mobile Best Gun For Long Range In Season 3

In COD Mobile, Long range gun fight happen occasionally base on which map you are in. However it is also good to know what gun that you should use to win the gun fight.

Here are some of the best gun to use in long range combat inside Season 3:

1. AK47

COD Mobile Best Gun For Long Range Season 3: AK47 - zilliongamer

AK47 is one of the best gun in COD Mobile right now that has very high damage, support the highest range and good fire rate.  This gun is on top because of how effective the damage is even in long range.

Making eliminate an enemy extremely easy if you know how to use it correctly.

When using AK47 for long range fight you don't want to fully auto spray the enemy, instead you want to do a tap firing or a 2-3 round burst and you will see how good the gun is.

AK47 Detail

2. S36

COD Mobile Best Gun For Long Range Season 3: S36 - zilliongamer

S36 is still a good gun to use for long range fighting because it has high damage, fire rate and easy recoil to control. 

To use S36 more effectivly in long range fight you need to equip ACOG on the gun and try to find a good position before firing the enemy because your mobility is slow making you hard to run from the target.

S36 Detail

3. ASM10

COD Mobile Best Gun For Long Range Season 3: ASM10 - zilliongamer

AK47 little brother the ASM10 is another ar in COD Mobile that is really popular in Season 3. This gun is really good to use in long range combat because it has similar traits to the AK47 but is more recoil friendly than the AK47.

When using ASM10 in a range that you think you can kill the enemy try to do a short spray instead of a full auto spray because it is more effective and easier to control the recoil

ASM10 Detail

4. M4LMG

COD Mobile Best Gun For Long Range Season 3: M4LMG - zilliongamer

M4LMG is one of the most underrated gun in COD Mobile. This gun has good damage, fire rate and really good recoil to control.

When using M4LMG you need to have high awareness of your surrounding because the scope in time is really slow.

M4LMG Detail


These are the most popular gun that a lot of player use for long range combat in COD Mobile Season 3.

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