COD Mobile AK-47 Best Attachments Builds

Here are all the best attachments builds for AK-47 assault rifle.

COD Mobile AK-47 Best Attachments - zilliongamer

AK-47 is one of the highest damage output gun in the game, with correct attachments setup AK47 can be a beast in any range combat. Unlock AK-47 once you reach level 27.

COD Mobile AK-47 Guides

Best Attachments for AK-47 - Close Range

COD Mobile AK-47 Best Attachments - Close Range - zilliongamer

This attachments build improve AK-47 close range combat but you have to sacrifice optic for the sake of aim speed to scope in faster than your enemy.


Optic: Iron sight.

Grip: Foregrip-AR.

Mag: Extended Mag-AR.

Other: Quickdraw-AR.

With all these attachments you will feel that the aim down sight speed is increasingly fast and you can shoot quicker than the enemy as well.

Best Attachments for AK-47 - Stealth 

COD Mobile AK-47 Best Attachments - Stealth - zilliongamer

Take advantage of the high damage of AK-47 you can also use it as a stealth gun to eliminate enemy without revealing your own position. Fire less, Kill More.


Scope: Red Dot Sight or Iron sight.

Muzzle: Suppressor-AR.

Grip: Foregrip-AR.

Mag: Extended Mag-AR.

When using this attachments builds on AK-47 you want to be very tactical and careful of your position, to always try to kill behind the enemy line.

Best Attachments for AK-47 - All Rounder

COD Mobile AK-47 Best Attachments - All Rounder - zilliongamer

Once you learn how to control AK-47 recoil well, with some of the best attachments AK-47 can also serve as an all rounder gun as well.


Optic: Red Dot Sight or Iron Sight.

Muzzle: FMJ-AR.

Grip: Foregrip-AR.

Laser Sight: Laser Sight-AR.

Using this builds on AK-47 to eliminate enemy behind the cover, extremely closse, farther and more.

You can use iron sight to hit long range target as well, ACOG is not really helpful since it add extra recoil and make AK-47 extremely hard to control when fire.


In conclusion, AK-47 is a really good gun to use especially with stealth loadout. What is your favorite AK-47 attachments builds? Leave your comment down below.

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