COD Mobile Season 8 Balance Changes List & News

We are coming into the end of Season 7, Find the upcoming balance changes for the next season here.

Credit to:LeakersOnDuty for providing information to the public.

General Adjustment

Bullet impact is now officially ready in game.

Within its first few weeks of implementation, it was quite stable overall, further adjustments will also arrive in the future.

In later versions, we will display the weapon's bullet impact detail in the weapon comparison page.

  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 0.9: Fennec, MAC10
  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 1.1: M16, ICR, DR-H, Holger 26, GKS, Striker 45
  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 1.3: AK47, ASM10, Man O War, EM2
  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 1.5: Oden, XPR-50, SVD, M21 EBR, PKM

New addition: Attachments will affect bullet impact.

Attachments that provides +10% bullet impact:

  • Type 25’s SP Mag
  • BK57’s 7.62mm Caliber Mag
  • HVK30’s Large Caliber Mag
  • QQ9’s 10mm Caliber Mag
  • PP19’s Large Caliber Mag

Attachments that provides +20% bullet impact:

  • Kilo 141’s 100 Round Drum Mag
  • DR-H’s OTM Mag
  • AGR-556’s 5.56 Caliber Mag
  • Striker 45’s. 45 Piercing Rounds

Attachments that provides +50% bullet impact:

  • AS Val’s 15 Round FMJ Mag
  • Amax CR56’s M67 Mag
  • Oden’s Subsonic Mag

Attachments that provides -10% bullet impact:

  • AK47’s 5.45 Caliber Mag
  • Dobvra’s Sorokin 140mm Auto Barrel

Gun Adjustments

Razorback (Nerf)

Rapid Fire Attachment:

Greatly decreased first range

Slightly decreased second range

Bullet spread increased by 10%

Fennec [MP ONLY] (Nerf)

Range decreased: 13m-18m-24m -> 11.5m-17m-24m

Flinch increased: 1.4 -> 1.5

CBR4 (Nerf)

Flinch increased: 0.8 -> 1.1

Ads bullet spread increased: 28 (18) -> 30 (22)

XPR50 (Nerf)

Increased YKM Ghost Stack’s flinch -35% -> -30%

Kilo Bolt Action (Buff)

Increased base reload speed: +15%

Dobvra (Buff)

Decreased aim shake when firing

Man O War (Buff)

Decreased flinch: 0.5 -> 0.45

HG40 (Buff)

Sprint to fire delay decreased: 140ms -> 120ms

M4LMG (Buff)

Increased base reload speed: +8%

MK2 (Buff)

Decreased ads time: 420ms -> 390ms

Peacekeeper MK2 Adjustments

  • Increased sturdy grip tape’s flinch: -90% -> -70%
  • Decreased firm grip tape’s flinch: -20% -> -30%

Scorestreaks Adjustments

Season 8 Scorestreak Adjustments

UAV (Nerf)

Reduced duration: 20s -> 18s

Operator Skills Adjustments

Season 8 Operator Skills Adjustments

Tactical Redeployment (Buff)

Increased duration: 12s -> 15s

Decreased recharge time: 300s -> 270s

Equalizer (Buff)

Damage increased:

15-20m : 20-> 25

20-25m: 17-> 20

Throwables Adjustments

Season 8 Throwables Adjustments

C4 (Nerf)

Reduced explosion radius: 5m -> 4.5m

Molotov (Nerf)

Reduced burning radius: 4m -> 3.5m

Perk Adjustments

Season 8 Perk Adjustments

Survival training (Buff)

Decreased cooldown: 30s -> 20s

Overall, this information is not officially confirmed by CODM Dev yet, but it's information that is translated by the Leakers on Duty team.