COD Mobile Season 7 New: Weapon, Game Mode, and Tournament Changes

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 will release on 3rd August 2023. Find out every new things that will be added into the new season for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Multiplayer News

New Mode: Safeguard

Escort team: Do your best to escort Robot to a destination in a limited time.

Defense team: Prevent the enemy robot from entering the territory.

Robot is powered by energy, so it will be activated automatically. And it will be activated faster it defenders are around it.

When Robot is activated, it will move forward along the designated paths.

The Robot's energy will be depleted when it takes damage. If it runs out of all the energy, the Robot will automatically shut down and need to be rebooted.

The Robot has resistance to damage from different weapons, so use items and weapons wisely.

New Playlist: Permanent UAV

Permanent UAV

In the playlists that have this feature, all players will get the permanent UAV so that you will never have to worry about finding enemies.

Ghost Banned

In the playlists that have this feature, the perk, Ghost, will not be effective, so your location will be exposed.

New Map: Seaside

A brand new ma is coming. Let's fight this summer within the sea breeze!

New Operator Skill: Tac-Deploy

Deployable beacon that allows your teammates to redeploy to the surrounding area.

Other optimization:

Optimized the pad operation logic of Wheelson.

Battle Royale News

BR Training Ground Updates

1. Added the Class charging function and optimized the command panel interface.

2. Adjusted the flying target HP and optimized the behavior of a flying target after being knocked down.

Other Update

Adjusted the Zipline locations in Isolated.

Weapon Rotation in Battle Royale:

Assault Rifle: M16, AK117, M4, AK-47, ICR-1, Peacekeeper MK2, Swordfish, EM2, Maddox, Grau 5.56.

Sniper Rifle: DL Q33, Outlaw, Rytec AMR, HDR.

LMG: RPD, Chopper.

SMG: RUS-79U, QQ9, QXR, Switchblade X9, PPSh 41, OTS 9, Striker 45.

Shotgun: BY15, HS0405, KRM-262, JAK 12.

Marksman Rifle: Kilo Bolt-Action, SKS.

New Weapons

New Weapon SMG: Striker 45

An SMG with high damage and mobility but a low to medium fire rate. Performs well in mid-range damage attenuation.

New Signature Attachment: MacroMag IFS

A drum mag that effectively increases lethality with high charging speed, but reduces mobility due to additional weight.

Tournament Updates

Reward Wheel

For a long time, we have observed that COD Points rewards of the Tournament leaderboard are difficult for most players to obtain.

We hope that all players participating in the Tournament can have the opportunity to obtain COD Point rewards,  not just limited to a small number of leading players.

Therefore, we have added a Lottery System in Tournament:

This system includes rewards such as COD Points, Tournament Winner Crate, and Credits. (COD Points are limited to it will refresh weekly.)

After completing the Free Milestone and Premium Milestone, players will get the chances for drawing rewards.

The Original COD Points rewards in the leaderboard will be replaced by multiple draws which will be issued with the settlement of rankings in leaderboard (other honorary rewards will be retained.)

Draws will expire on every Wednesday.


Overall, the Season 7 in Call of Duty Mobile will be added a bunch of new weapons, game modes, and new weapon rotation.