Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Weapon Changes Note

Here are all upcoming weapon nerfs and buffs in COD Mobile Season 7 2023 thanks to Leakers on Duty.

Note: This information is subject to change until Season 7 officially comes out.

LMGs Change

All LMGs now have a bullet impact of 2.

SNIPERs Change

All Snipers now have a bullet impact of 3.

SVD [MP Only]

This SVD change is only applied to Multiplayer gamemode:

  • Decreased lower arm damage multiplier from 1.4x to 1.3x.
  • Decreased damage from 80-70 to 78-75-70.
  • Range decreased 30m to 15-30m (in correlation with the new damage phase).

Type 25

Improved reload speed by 13%.


Underbarrel grenade launcher attachment reword:

  • Switching to underbarrel grenade launcher now have switch time.
  • Underbarrel grenade launcher now have its own unique inspection and ads animation.
  • Underbarrel Launcher ammo increased by 1.


Improved reload speed by 13%.


Improved reload speed by 9.5%.

KN 44

Decreased hit flinch from 0.65 to 0.55.

ASM 10

Tactical reload speed increased by 7%.

Branson barrel

Leg damage multiplier increased from 0.9x to 1x.


Decreased aim shake.

Improved reload speed by 7%.

Improved range profile from 9m to 9.5m.


Monolithic Suppressor

Range improved from 12% to 18%.

Marksman Barrel

ADS time penalty decreased from 15% to 8%.

Kilo Bolt-Action

Decreased ADS time from 360ms to 330ms.


Decreased vertical recoil by 30%.


Improved reload speed by 33% (to fit reload animation).


Improved reload speed by 11%.


Ammo capacity increased from 160 to 200.


Damage increased from 20 per second to 30 per second.

Sticky Grenade

Detonation time after being thrown reduced from 5s to 3s.

EMP Grenade

Effective range increased from 8m to 9m.

Decreased maximum effective time to self from 2s to 1s.

Dauntless Perk

Improved burning damage reduction from 30% to 40%.

Unit Support Perk

  • Improved scoring ratio.
  • Increased teammate shared operator skill charge from 30% to 40%.
  • Decreased personal operator skill charge from 60% to 50%.

Tracker Perk

Tracking time increased from 4s to 6s.

Agile Perk

Sprint to fire reduction increased from 10% to 15%.

Scout Class

Teammates can now see the friendly sensor darts radius on the mini map correctly.

Now teammates can see red dots on the mini-map and enemy silhouette.

Clown Class

Decreased charge speed from 40/40 to 40/45.


Overall, Season 7 meta won't be change too much compare to the current season, the top weapons will continue to dominate the meta.