Call of Duty Mobile Legendary Skins List

Here you can find and view all Call of Duty Mobile Legendary skins list and how to get them here.

M4 - Court Jester
COD Mobile M4 Skin: Court Jester - zilliongamer
UnlockWicked Trickster Draw
HVK-30 Maximum Security
COD Mobile HVK-30 Maximum Security skin - zilliongamer
UnlockPrison Break Draw (Season 11)
HG 40 Gold Standard
COD Mobile HG40 Gold Standard skin - zilliongamer
UnlockManifest Lucky Draw
Chopper Chain Reaction
COD Mobile Chopper - Chain Reaction skin - zilliongamer
UnlockChain Reaction Lucky Draw
ASM10 Bunker Buster
ASM10 Bunker Buster skin in Call of Duty Mobile.
UnlockHell on Shells Draw
Kilo Bolt-Action Rail Gun
Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Rail Gun - zilliongamer
UnlockCybernetic Draw
DL Q33 - Zealot
COD Mobile DL Q33 Zealot skin - zilliongamer
UnlockDark Ritual Draw
LK24 Justicar
Call of Duty Mobile LK24 skin: Justicar - zilliongamer
UnlockSprangled Draw
HBRa3 Swarm
COD Mobile HBRa3 Swarm - zilliongamer
UnlockHoney Badger Lucky Draw
Echo Natural Cause
COD Mobile Echo Natural Causes - zilliongamer
UnlockNatural Cause Lucky Draw (Season 10)
AK117 Meltdown
COD Mobile AK117 Meltdown skin - zilliongamer
UnlockMolten Fusion Draw
Cordite Zero-G
COD Mobile Cordite skin: Zero G - zilliongamer
UnlockVoid Lucky Draw
RPD Practical Joker
COD Mobile RPD Practical Joker - zilliongamer
UnlockSweet Joke Draw
QQ9 Melting Point
COD Mobile QQ9 Melting Point skin - zilliongamer
UnlockMelting Point Draw
RUS-79U Dustkicker
COD Mobile Rus-79U Dustkicker skin - zilliongamer
UnlockDust to Dust Draw
PDW-57 Toxic Waste
COD Mobile PDW-57 Toxic Waste skin - zilliongamer
UnlockNoxious Draw
Outlaw High Noon
COD Mobile Outlaw High Noon skin - zilliongamer
UnlockFrontier Justice Draw
AK-47 Wrath Black & Gold
COD Mobile AK47 Skin: Wrath Black & Gold - zilliongamer
UnlockWrath Draw Redux
Type 25 Bloody Vengeance
COD Mobile Type 25 - Bloody Vengeance skin - zilliongamer
UnlockThe Huntress Draw
UL736 Depth Charge
COD Mobile UL736 Depth Charge Skin - zilliongamer
UnlockDive!Dive! Draw
GKS Tactical Unicorn
COD Mobile GKS Tactical Unicorn skin - zilliongamer
UnlockRest in Rainbow Bundle (Season 5)
KN-44 Color Spectrum (Old)
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Color Spectrum - zilliongamer
UnlockColor Spectrum Draw
S36 Phobos
COD Mobile S36 Phobos skin - zilliongamer
UnlockValentine Draw
MSMC Space Station
COD Mobile MSMC Space Station skin - zilliongamer
UnlockFusion Core Bundle (Season 5)
Man-O-War Dream Crystal
COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Dream Crystal - zilliongamer
UnlockDream Crystal Lucky Draw
Pharo Dream Crystal
Pharo Skin: Dream Crystal in Call of Duty Mobile.
UnlockDream Crystal Weapon Crate
DL Q33 Holidays
DL Q33 Holiday skin in Call of Duty Mobile.
UnlockHoliday Crate
AK117 Holidays
AK117 Skin: Holidays in Call of Duty Mobile.
UnlockHoliday Draw

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