Scar-H is Coming to COD Mobile Season 8

In Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 we will be seeing a brand new gun call DR-H which is known as the Scar-H from other COD Franchise.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 New Gun: Scar-H or DR-H - zilliongamer

DR-H is an assault rifle that has high damage when hitting the upper chest area, it has medium fire rate and the range is from close to long range with moderate recoil control.

What is the DR-H similar to?

The DR-H is in heavy hitter assault rifle category, slow fire rate but require accurate aim to master.

Come to the comparison the DR-H is similar to:


ASM10 Doomed skin in Call of Duty Mobile.

The Scar-H or DR-H is similar to ASM10 is almost every aspect, both gun has medium fire rate and high damage which require pure aiming skill.

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COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Industrial Revolution - zilliongamer

It is similar to Man-O-War in damage aspect, the Man-O-War hit hard but the require a little bit recoil control so does the Scar-H.

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COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Ashen Viper - zilliongamer

Compare to the KN-44, the DR-H is similar in close range aspect of the KN, they both melt the enemy in less than 5 shots depend on which body area hit.

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COD Mobile AK47 Skin: Wrath Black & Gold - zilliongamer

The DR-H is similar to AK-47 when it come into long range combat aspect, it is a laser gun but will need to short burst or tap fire to eleminate the enemy.

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Why the gun name DR-H instead of the Scar-H ?

It is commonly known that Call of Duty Mobile has several weapons that has different name from the other COD Franchise, such as the MP5 being the QQ9 in COD Mobile.

This is involve in licensing the gun name wether they want to do it or not or it might be taking too long time because how quick they release new gun which is 1 per month.


In Conclusion, The DR-H is the Scar-Heavy that is coming into COD Mobile Season 8 and the performance of the gun is sorted into the heavy hit assault rifle category.