Kilo 141 and PPSh-41 is coming to COD Mobile

We got a chance to play the newest COD Mobile test server showcasing the 2 weapons that are coming in the next season which are the Kilo 141 and PPSh-41.

To unlock Kilo 141 or PPSh-41 you need to get 30 headshot kills of each weapon class. Note: This is for test server only, the official release will be unlockable in another way.

COD Mobile Kilo 141 & PPSh-41 is coming soon!

Here we'll be talking about each weapon performance such as STK, prime range, recoil control and behavior, and answer the question of will both the Kilo 141 and PPSh-41 be the meta of the next season in COD Mobile.

Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is an assault rifle that deal 28 damage to the chest from 5 to 10 meters range and 33 to the head, the damage than drop to 26 and 30 headshot after 10 meters and up.

The Kilo 141 is currently very buggy so we can't report you the raw performance of this weapon yet.

COD Mobile Kilo 141 Iron Sight (Test Server) - zilliongamer

The iron sight of Kilo 141 is also a little buggy where you can see your thumb on the weapon rail when ADS'ing.

We will update once we got the fix version of the weapon about it's performance, recoil control & behavior, and the prime range to use the gun.


Moving into the second weapon is the PPSh-41, this SMG deal 28 damage to the chest and 32 headshot from 5 to 10 meters range, than the damage start to drop dramatically to 21 and 24 which is very weak for long range.

The PPSh-41 has very fast fire rate and very good accuracy when firing with the default magazine size of 50.

COD Mobile PPSh-41 Iron Sight (Test Server) - zilliongamer

The recoil of PPSh-41 is moderate, the first 5 initial shots kicked to the left then horizontally to the right which require you to start with a little drag to the right than maintain pulling down to the left to perfect the recoil.

The range that PPSh-41 shine in is close range gunfight, the gun has high damage and fast fire rate a deadly combo once you master the recoil control, you can win a lot of close range gunfight with this weapon.

Overall, the PPSh-41 is a pretty good gun that has high potential once it's officially release for next season.

Will the Kilo 141 or PPSh-14 become one of the best gun in COD Mobile?

Which come to conclusion that, the answer is unclear we've only tested these weapons for about 4 hours and also the Kilo 141 is bug out of it mind.

However, the PPSh-41 has a very high potential of getting itself into top 5 best guns to use for the next season of COD Mobile, just maybe. Again we will report you more raw information once the weapons are fully polish.