How to get Misdirection Device in Call of Duty Mobile

Misdirection Device is a new scorestreaks released in COD Mobile Season 11 2023. Find out how to get this scorestreak and how to get it down below.

How to get Misdirection Device

You can unlock the Misdirection Device scorestreaks by completing a set of task inside the seasonal event tab.

How to get Misdirection Device in COD Mobile

Go to Events > Seasonal > Festive Firepower.‚Äč From there, you will see a set consist of 6 tasks that you need to complete in order to unlock this scorestreaks.

  1. Travel 2000m in BR matches.
  2. Kill 5 Enemies with the Misdirection Chip equipped (Available in the Battle pass).
  3. Upgrade the Misdirection BR Class 5 times in BR matches.
  4. Kill 10 Enemies with the Misdirection Class Chip Equipped.
  5. Kill 25 Enemies with the Misdirection Class Chip Equipped.

Note: Misdirection Chip for BR is available to unlock by reaching Tier 14 in Season 11 2023 Battle Pass for free.

After completing this task, you can claim the Misdirection Device and try it out inside your match.

How to use Misdirection Device

In-game description: Emits special sound waves that impair auditory functions, completely hiding the user's sound and causing enemies in range to hear take noise sources.

Misdirection Device | COD Mobile

To simplify the description, activate Misdirection Device to confuse your enemies by creating multiples footstep masking your real footstep.

This scorestreaks is great to use in Search and Destroy, especially when you are an attacker, or when you are trying to defuse the bomb and you are in one versus one situation.

It can come in clutch, especially when you trying to make play to secure the win for your team. Having multiple footstep is very essential which will confuse your enemy.

Make them wonder where you are going to rush from, especially with all those footstep, they will have a hard time covering all angle of the site.


In short, this new scorestreaks is an essential item that you should get, and it's not that hard to unlock it as well. If you are a main Search and Destroy players, this item can help you and make it more fun to enjoy bambozzled the enemies.