How to get COD Mobile Valentine Charm Faster

Find out how to get COD Mobile Valentine charm faster here to exchange a cool gun skins for free during COD Mobile Valentine event.

Valentine Event is a limited time in Call of Duty Mobile starting from 14/02/2020 - 20/02/2020.

Here are all the quests that you need to complete in order to get valentine charms:

Valentine Duo and Victory

COD Mobile Valentine Duo and Victory Quest - zilliongamer

Team up with a friend and win 8 matches in any mode to get 12 valentine charms.

Valentine Gifting Event

COD Mobile Valentine Gifting Event Quest - zilliongamer

Send XP Cards to friends 20 Times to get a total of 25 valentine charms.

Note: You can only send 5 XP Cards per day so this quest will take you 4 days to complete.

Valentine Sparrow Event

COD Mobile Valentine Sparrow Event Quest - zilliongamer

This quest can be complete either in multiplayer mode or battle royale mode, you don't need to complete both.

MP Mode:

Use sparrow Operator skill 6 times in MP matches and kill 4 enemy to unlock 15 valentine charms.

BR Mode:

Enter the top 14 in Battle royale in duo mode 3 time to unlock a total of 15 valentine charms.

Note: Even though you complete both MP and BR mode you won't be able to earn 30 charms.

Exchange Valentine Charm

There are a total of 52 valentine charms that you can get after completed all the quests above.

COD Mobile Valentine Exchange Center - zilliongamer

After you get all the valentine charm you need to change it inside Valentine Exchange Center.

Valentine Exchange Center


In conclusion, This is a great chance for you to grind and get valentine charm faster and unlock cool rewards inside the valentine exchange center.