COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks: Characters, Maps, & Weapons

Find new leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 featuring Battle pass characters, upcoming maps, and new weapons here.

Season 11 Battle pass Characters

Here are characters that you will be able to get when making purchase of premium battle pass:

Vagr Modir - Whisper of Winter

CODM S11 Character Leaks: Vagr Modir - Whisper of Winter - zilliongamer

Soap - Cliffhanger

CODM S11 Character Leaks: Soap - Cliffhanger - zilliongamer

Atlas - Crash

CODM S11 Character Leaks: Atlas - Crash - zilliongamer


CODM S11 Character Leaks: Keegan - zilliongamer

Upcoming Maps for Season 11

For Season 11 2021 Call of Duty Mobile Dev team featuring 1 new map and 2 new returned maps:


CODM S11 Map Leak: Icebreaker

Icebreaker is a medium-sized arctic theme map that featuring close to medium size range combat and fill with certain angled with action-packed.

Holiday Raid

CODM S11 Map Leak: Holiday Raid

Holiday Raid making it returned into Season 11, the arctic theme style on Raid will be able to play in Season 11.

Nuketown Russia

CODM S11 Map Leak: Nuketown Russia

The same to Holiday Raid, Nuketown Russia also making a returned into COD Mobile Season 11.

Season 11 New Weapons

Currently, there is only 1 new weapon that confirmed by the DEV team which is the PKM.


CODM S11 Weapons leak: PKM - zilliongamer

PKM is a Lightmachine gun that features high magazine with fast fire rate and high damage, the weapon have a good accuracy when shooting in close to mid range.


Overall, In COD Mobile Season 11 We will be getting an arctic theme for maps and characters and a brand new Light machine gun. Upcoming leaks will be inform here.