CODM Blackout is coming in September 23

It is officially confirmed that the Blackout map is going to release in CODMobile 2nd Anniversary which will be on September 23 2021.

What is CODM Blackout?

Blackout map first available in Black Ops 4 and it is coming to Call of Duty Mobile because Isolated are under attack, Which come the name CODM Blackout.

Blackout is an 8x8 Battle Royale map that featured an iconic locations from Nuketown Island, Hijacked, Firing Range, to Ghosttown and more.

Blackout Map in Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

The river cut the map into 2 parts, the green and the desert areas are connected with Bridges, you can use boat to cross or swim through the lakes to reach other side if wanted to avoid any action.

Many type of transportations such as Cargo Truck, Antelope A20, Helicopter, Tank, ATV and more for you to use when rotating around the Blackout vicinity.

The Backstory of CODM Blackout

ISOLATED is the first ever map in CODM BR since 2019 featured terrains, mountain, and trees are home to a dozen of players, the map are packed with combat and available for solo, duo, and squad to drop in and fight for victory.

Now ISOLATED is getting attack by The Five Knights and they have neutralized all defense facilities which force the Battle Royale operation to move into a new map name Blackout.

What will happen to ISOLATED remain unknown. What we know now is Call of Duty Mobile are asking all the soldiers to participated in the biggest battle that is coming right around the corner.

Now that you know the full backstory of what make Blackout map coming to COD Mobile, time to spent the last remaining days playing the original map because we'll never if ISOLATED is coming back or not.

Why there are no map selection in CODM BR?

There are already complains of asking "Why can't you keep both ISOLATED and Blackout?" or "Why can't you just add map selection for BR?" well here are some answers that I hope change at least 5% of your perspective:

  • Keeping both maps mean that the players base of Battle Royale will divided into 50/50 Isolated and Blackout, this will make longer match finding queue.
  • More bots will be added to ensure enough players in a map so that you don't have to wait for a longer period of time to drop and fight.
  • More map more works, the developer want to prioritize and execute 1 exact product so doing by remove the old map is the best way especially after 3 years of old map. TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW!!!

It is more convenient to have 1 rather than 2 maps, because you can join the map faster, reduce in-match waiting time, and match with less bots and developer also have more time to optimize and improve the main map.


In conclusion, CODM Blackout mean that a new map name Blackout is coming to Call of Duty Mobile and its is not far from the release either.