COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: S36 Phobos,Battery Valentine and More

View all the new leaks content in COD Mobile Valentine event that will be the next update.

S36 Phobos - New S36 Skin

COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: S36 Phobos - zilliongamer

On the Valentine update the S36 lmg will get a new pink theme skin call "Phobos" and it has a very good iron sight visual

COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: S36 Phobos Iron Sight - zilliongamer

The ironsight look even better than a red dot sight plus it have a great visual when scoping in as well.

However, there are no comfirmation on how to get this skin yet but there is a huge chance that it will be in lucky draw or crate.

Battery Halfpipe Valentine

Another new skin for Battery character this time a bright new pink skin call "Battery Halfpipe Valentine".

COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: Battery Halfpipe Valentine - zilliongamer

There is also no confirmation on how to get this character skin yet.

Firebreak Carrot Thief

COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: Firebreak Carrot Thief - zilliongamer

A new bunny looking character is also appear in the leak trailer of COD Mobile Valentine event.

New Emote: Heart

COD Mobile Valentine Leaks: Heart Emote - zilliongamer

COD Mobile brace their valentine with the new emote on the new skins call Heart.

Leaks of COD Mobile Valentine Trailer

Thanks to JyeLst for the leaks. Go and follow him for more leaks on COD Mobile in the future.

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