COD Mobile Test Server: 2v2 Gamemode, Meltdown map, and New Scorestreak

Here are all the news in Call of Duty Mobile public test server featuring new U.I, gamemodes, new map, and the new scorestreak that was leak in the start of season 4.

New U.I Background Change

The main menu U.I change in the public test server.

COD Mobile Test Server: New U.I Background - zilliongamer

The new main menu U.I improve the quality of choosing gamemode much easier and more convenient.

New Gamemode: 2v2

COD Mobile Test Server: New Gamemode 2v2 - zilliongamer

This new gamemode call 2v2 might come out in Season 5 but this is just an expectation.

Gamemode detail:

Eliminate the enemies or capture the overtime objective to win if time runes out, the team with higher HP wins.

Play on Cage map.

Weapon set will change every two rounds.

No HP recovery allowed in each round.

New Gamemode: Gun Game Team Fight

Similar to Gun Game but play as a team.

COD Mobile Test Server: New Gun Game Team Fight - zilliongamer

Team based gun game. Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

This gamemode is also expected to come out in Season 5 as well.

Sniper Only Gamemode

COD Mobile Test Server: Sniper Only Gamemode - zilliongamer

This is not a new gamemode but this tweak the sniper only to use the default scope instead of ACOG.

New Map: Meltdown

Take a look at some of the screenshot of the new map name Meltdown.

COD Mobile Test Server: Meltdown - zilliongamer

COD Mobile Test Server: Meltdown1 - zilliongamer

COD Mobile Test Server: Meltdown2 - zilliongamer

COD Mobile Test Server: Meltdown3 - zilliongamer

Meltdown will be the next map that is most likely coming into COD Mobile in the next season.

New Scorestreak: Shock RC

This scorestreak has been leak since season 4, but now you can use it in COD Mobile public test server.

COD Mobile Test Server: New Scorestreak Shock RC - zilliongamer

Deployed Shock RC to detects nearby enemies for continous electric shock, leaving them paralyzed.

COD Mobile Test Server: New Scorestreak Shock RC Gameplay - zilliongamer

Scorestreak detail

Score require: 350 (3 kills).

Close range scanning.

Shock not kill (You still need to kill the enemy).


For the current phase of COD Mobile Public test server, this are all the new stuff that we expect to come out for the next season which is season 5.

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