COD Mobile Season 7 Release Date Delayed To Later Date

The Update of COD Mobile Season 7 "Radioactive Agent" is expect to release on 6TH June. However Call of Duty decide to delayed the release date to later date.

The update delayed is not only for Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 but also affect the Season 4 of Modern Warfare.

Regarding of the event going on in The United states, you won't be able to get the Season 7 on 6TH June any more.

The new release date of COD Mobile Season 7 remain unconfirmed. So all we can do for now is patiently wait for the announcement from COD Mobile.

Meanwhile we are all waiting, you can view all the Season 7 Leaks here.

Season 7 Leaks: New Gun MP5

New Release Date Expected of COD Mobile Season 7

According to Murdablast, He notice that the Seasonal event extend for another 5 days 23 hours.

Which mean that the new release date shall be at 11th or 12th June. THIS IS JUST AN EXPECTATION base on the extended period of seasonal quest. It is NOT CONFIRMED by Activision or COD Mobile yet.

Now you have another 5 days to get Cordite SMG, one of the best gun in COD Mobile.