COD Mobile Season 5 Ranked Match Rewards Leaks

Find the rewards that will come out in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 ranked match for multiplayer and battle royale here.

Season 5 Ranked Release date

COD Mobile Season 5 Ranked Release date - zilliongamer

COD Mobile Season 5 ranked is set to release on June 6TH with brand new rewards and rank reset.

Season 5 Mutliplayer Ranked Reward

For multiplayer, in Season 5 rewards will be HBRa3 skins.

HBRa3 Skulls & Blood

COD Mobile Season 5 Multiplayer ranked rewards: HBRa3 - zilliongamer

Unlock HBRa3 Skulls & Blood by reaching PRO III in Season 5 multiplayer ranked match.

Season 5 Battle Royale Ranked Reward

For Battle royale, the Season 5 ranked rewards will be character skin.

Battery - Skulls & Blood

COD Mobile Season 5 Multiplayer ranked rewards: Battery - zilliongamer

Unlock Battery - Skulls & Blood by reaching Master II in Season 5 Battle royale ranked match.

Season 5 Rank Reset

In case, you are a new ranked players, when a new ranked season update, your rank will reset and reduced to a certain rank.

Rookie 1 - 5Rookie 1
Veteran 1 - 2Rookie 2
Veteran 3Rookie 3
Veteran 4Rookie 4
Veteran 5Rookie 5
Elite 1 - 5Veteran 1
Pro 1 - 2Veteran 2
Pro 3 - 4Veteran 3
Pro 5Veteran 4
Master - LegendaryElite 1


In conclusion, The season 5 ranked rewards will let you get one of the most community demand weapons which is the HBRa3 that come with a cool looking skins and for BR players will also get a brand new character as well.

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