COD Mobile Season 10 Leaks: Release Date, Maps, Characters, and More

Here you can find all the COD Mobile Season 10 leaks featuring potential release date, new maps, characters, and more upcoming leaks.


According to Murdablast, one of the best leaks provider for COD Mobile, Season 10 Battle Pass will bring 4 new characters, and 2 of them are girl characters.

Mara: Dead Dealer

COD Mobile Season 10 character: Mara - zilliongamer


COD Mobile Season 10 character: Outrider - zilliongamer


COD Mobile Season 10 character: Mace - zilliongamer


COD Mobile Season 10 character: Makarov - zilliongamer

All the characters leaks are confirmed that they will be in Season 10 Battle Pass Premium, however the tier of each character is unsure yet.


The 2 maps that was leaked back in Season 9 which are Terminal and Pine hasn't released. So it is a good chance that those maps will be release on Season 10.


Terminal is a huge map located in Airport of Russia, with a lot of angle to play in, and most of the combat happen in medium or long range.

COD Mobile Terminal Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Terminal Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

The map Terminal is featured in several COD Franchise such as COD Modern Warfare 2, COD Modern Warfare 3, COD Infinite Warfare and more.


Pine is a 2vs2 map that is located in the middle of the forest with a small walk path, sideway and other objects to use as a hide area or angle to hold the enemies.

COD Mobile Pine Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Pine Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

The map Pine is featured in COD Modern Warfare and is exclusive to the Gunfight mode only.

Pine Map trailer:

New Guns

Currently, there is 2 new guns that leaked for COD Mobile Season 10.


COD Mobile Season 10 Leak new gun: Echo - zilliongamer

Echo is a shotgun that just leaked, it is an automatic shotgun originally known as "Origin 12".

Haymaker 12

COD Mobile Season 10 Leak new gun: Haymaker 12 - zilliongamer

Haymaker 12 is a fully automtic shotgun that has fast fire rate and great damage with good range.

New Operator Skill

Season 10 also bring in new operator skill known as Equalizer, a dual integrated automatic pistol. Confirmed by the Dev.

Season 10 Potential Release Date

According to the date shown in S9 Battle pass, and Seasonal quest events, It will ends in 8 Days.

COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date *Potential* - zilliongamer

It potentially mean that Season 10 might release on September 13, 2020 at least. This is only if there won't be any delay like current season.


In conclusion, This is just a small leaks in COD Mobile Season 10, More leaks that I can gather will be updated here in this post.

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