COD Mobile Season 9 (2023) Weapon Balance Changes | Patch Notes

For this patch HVK-30, Holger 26, and LK24 hit with nerfs while AMAX CR56, ASM10, and Grau.556 get buffs. Dive deep into all nerfs and buffs down below.

Special thanks to Leakers on Duty for providing the patch notes.

Let’s go through all the buffs first

COD Mobile weapons buffs in Season 9 (2023)


Starting with PDW57, this smg gets slightly reduced lateral recoil buffs.


These buffs are apply to Multiplayer only:

  • 2nd range increased: 23m → 26m.
  • 3rd range increased: 28m → 30m.
  • M67 mag now increases  BSA.


This assault rifle get mobility buffs and recoil improvement:

  • ADS speed increased 280ms  → 250ms.
  • Lateral recoil kick eased out.


These buffs are apply to Battle Royale only:

  • Last damage range removed: 28-25-22-17 → 28-25-22.
  • SPP 15 Round mag:
    • Removed flinch penalty.
    • Increased ADS bsa: 23 (7) → 23 (3).


Small recoil buffs to the Chicom: Decreased lateral recoil.


This smg receive recoil improvement and attachment buffs:

  • Decreased vertical recoil.
  • Taser recharge speed increased: 3s → 2s

Grau 5.56

This assault rifle receive mobility and attachment buffs:

  • Tempus 26.4” Archangel Barrel
    • Range increased 35% → 45%.
  • ADS movement speed penalty decreased: 15% → 12%.


This assault rifle receive small mobility buffs:

  • ADS speed increased: 270ms → 250ms.


The same mobility buffs also apply to EM2 assault rifle:

  • ADS speed increased: 280ms → 260ms.


This assault rifle get damage buffs but it only apply to Battle Royale:

  • Damage increased: 24-18-16 → 25-19-18.


This assault rifle receive buffs and nerfs at the same time and it’s only apply to Battle Royale:

  • Range increased: 12.5m - 24m → 14m - 25m.
  • Nerf: Slightly decreased aim assist.

Here are all Perk Adjustments

Echo Grenade

  • Scans per grenade: 1 → 2.


  • Reduces time required to hack enemy electronics.


  • Slightly increased mantling speed.

Demo Expert

  • Explosion damage increased: 25% → 30%.


  • Increased detection radius: 5m → 7m.

Here are all Weapons that receive nerfs

COD Mobile weapons nerfsin Season 9 (2023)


This assault rifle receive magazine attachment nerfs:

  • Large caliber ammo decreased: 32 → 28.

Holger 26

This LMG is taking another mobility hit to its attachment:

  • No stock ADS movement decreased:
    • +40% ads mobility → 25% ads mobility.


Last but not least, the LK24 also get hit with accuracy nerfs:

  • ADS bullet spread increased: 14 (4) → 16 (9).

Here are all Changes made to Battle Royale Classes

Shockwave Class

  • Recharge amount after upgrading decreased: 2 → 1.
  • Recharge time after upgrading decreased: 40s → 35s.

Kinetic Station Class

  • Armor value increased: 50/70 → 75/100.

Desperado Class

  • Added strong aim assist to shield turret.
  • Turret damage increased: 55-50-45-40 → 65-60-48-45.
  • Gain 1.1x multiplier for chest and arm shots.
  • Bullet speed adjusted to 640 m/s.
  • Bullet impact is set to 3.
  • Increased damage dealt to vehicles: 100% → 200%.

Our Thoughts on Season 9 Balance Changes

The Dev has made some great adjustments to the runner-up packof weapons such as ASM, AMAX CR56, and Grau 5.56.

We are excited to see how these buffs will perform against the leading pack such as Kilo 141, Krig 6, Switchblade X9, QQ9, and more.

Regarding the nerfs, it’s not a very big nerfs, we think these weapons are still usable, you just need to adjust your playstyle according to the nerfs.

Overall, the Season 9 balance changes are shaping up for a great weapon meta change in COD Mobile.

You have reached the end of COD Mobile Season 9 (2023) Balance Changes.