Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes Breakdown

In Season 9 Patch Notes Breakdown we are going through all the new stuffs, weapons buffs, nerfs for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Night and Haunted are the theme with an official name of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: "Nightmare" bring new weapons like Swordfish rifle and Thunder grenade and Flash Drone tactical.

For Multiplayer there will be a new map, operator skill, and brand new game mode. Battle Royale will also get new class. and OH! Undead Siege is back.

Season 9 Battle Pass Characters

The New Characters in Season 9 Battle pass are:

  • Artery - Nosferatu
  • Rott - Imprisoned in the Tomb
  • Spark - Arachnis
  • Nikto - Scarecrow

Note: Only available if you purchase Season 9 Premium Battle Pass.

New Base Weapons

Introducing Swordfish rifle a four-round burst rifle, Thumper a rear mounted grenade launcher, and Flash Drone a tactical that can blind enemies within range.


Swordfish is a four-round burst fire rifle with long rage, low damage attenuation, and strong lethal ability in one burst. Can adapt to full-range combat.

  • Custom Long-Sword Mag: Replaces four-round burst with five-round burst, decreasing recoil and bullet spread, but increasing the difficulty of killing enemies in one burst.


Thumper is a secondary weapon with rear mounted grenade launcher with medium damage and low ammunition.

Flash Drone

Flash Drone is a new tactical weapon upon releases a drone forward, blinding all enemies within range. This is a controlled flashbang.


Introducing a brand new map Hovec Sawmill, the return of Halloween Standoff with new Operator skill and Game mode.

Hovec Sawmill

Originally featured in COD: Modern Warfare, Hovec Sawmill is now available on mobile!

A Medium size map Hovec Sawmill featured cross-map sightlines rooftop, side roads, terrains, outside area and more to create chaos in the map.

Hovec Sawmill is available in modes: TDM, S&D, Domination, Free-For-All, Hardpoint...

Halloween Standoff

Standoff Halloween is also making a return for a limited time, this classic map is available in modes likes TDM, S&D, Domination, Free-For-All, Hardpoint...


TAK-5 is a new operator skill in Season 9, when activate TAK-5 you and all your teammate receive heals and 50 extra HP for a period of time.

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is a new game mode that let players contend for airdrops on the field while capturing objectives to secure victory.

This game mode available on maps: Rust, Hackney Yard, ShootHouse, and Scrapyard.

Battle Royale

Introducing new class for Battle Royale in Season 9 call Pumped.


The new Pumped class provides strong aerial mobility through the use of nitro-gen powered jetpack.

Active skill: Power Jump

Greatly increases the amount of gas injection and nitrogen recovery speed. Holding the jump button increases height while consuming nitrogen. 

Hip fire and ADS are available while airborne. Can also be canceled into Wingsuit mode.

Passive skill: Pump Up

Gain the jet jumping ability. Multiple jumps consume nitrogen. Shooting in the air increases spread, reducing accuracy.

Undead Siege Return

In Season 9 mark the return of Undead Siege game mode where players fight to survive the hoard of Zombies with the objective to win and get Aether Crystal skin on the weapon.

Here are some update / adjustments:

Map Adjustments:

The mobile base location on Isolated has been adjusted.

New Mission:

Escort Mission: Dempsey is in danger while collecting aether crystals. Escort him and the truck full of aether crystals  back to base!

Zombie Skill Adjustments:

Pulverizer - The Pulverizer's ground thumping skill can now knock players into the air.

Heavy Gunner - The Heavy Gunner's stomp can now temporarily disable turrets.

Undead Siege Collection:

A collection of zombies and turret related to easter eggs, stories, and more is now available! Unlock these by completing tasks.

Weapons Buffs and Nerfs

Here are all Season 9 Weapons buffs and nerfs for Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

  • CR-56 AMAX - M67 Ammo
    • Reduced range: Short range distance reduced from 36m to 30m.
      • Medium range distance reduced from 51m to 42m.
    • Reduced the damage to upper arms from 62 to 48.
    • Slightly increased vertical recoil.
  • M13
    • ADS Movement Speed increased from 0.6 to 0.65.
    • Reload time reduced from 3s to 2.5s.
    • MP Basic Bullet Speed increased from 600 to 900.
    • Heavy Long Barrel:
      • Movement Speed adjusted from -4% to -2%.
    • .300 RTC 30 Round Reload:
      • Replaced bullet speed increase with silencer effect.
      • ADS Speed adjusted from -8% to -3%.
    • .300 RTC Double Stack 40 Round Reload:
      • Replaced bullet speed increased with silencer effect.
      • New Effect: Reload Speed +10%.
      • Movement Speed adjusted from -2% to -1%.
    • Fixed an issue where the M13 did not receive the general accuracy improvement in BR.
  • KN44
    • Reduce the basic horizontal recoil.
    • Initial hipfire bullet spread reduced by 13%.
    • Increased damage to arms from 26 to 28.
    • Increased damage to chest from 28 go 31.
    • Increased damage to head from 31 to 33.
    • OWC Marksman:
      • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -8%.
    • OWC Ranger:
      • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -6%.
    • MIP Strike Stock:
      • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -8%.
  • Chopper
    • Short range distance without any attachment adjusted from 10 to 14.
  • UL736
    • Base damage adjusted from 25-22-20-19 to 28-24-20-19
    • Movement Speed adjusted from 1.04 to 1.06.
    • ADS Time adjusted from 0.448 to 0.4.
    • 50 Round Reload:
      • Movement Speed adjusted from -1% to -1.5%.
    • 60 Round Reload:
      • Movement Speed adjusted from -1.5% to -2.5%.
  • S36
    • Reduced recoil when not using any attachments.

Battle Royale ONLY

  • MX9
    • Base Damage adjusted from 30-24-16-15 to 25-21-18-16.
  • SKS
    • Starting vertical recoil increased by 50%.
    • Bullet spread during continuous fie increased by 35% after the first shot.
    • Fixed an issue where SKS fired hitscan instead of projectile.

Score Streaks

  • SAM Turret
    • Increased explosion damage from 198 to 385.
    • Reduced point cost from 850 to 660.
  • Swarm
    • Increased the number of drones from 4 to 6.
    • Increased number of drones to improve Swarm's cost effectiveness.
  • Napalm
    • Reduced point cos from 1500 to 1190.
    • Reduced the point cost to improve Napalm's cost-effectiveness.
  • Lightning Strike
    • Reduced point cost from 1050 to 850.
    • Increased explosion range of missiles from 10m to 15m.
    • Reduced the point and improved missile explosion range to improve Lightning Strike's cost-effectiveness.

Credit: Garena Call of Duty Mobile