Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes

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Season 9 bring new 10vs10 mode, new map, and some tweaks for training mode, domination, and hardpoint.

10 vs 10 Mode

Available for Team Death Match and Domination.

Available on Shipment, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Crossfire.

New Map - Shipment 1944

Shipment 1944, a Call of Duty classic, is now available! Dash through cargo containers in this action-packed fan favorite.

Available for: Team Death match, Domination, Free-For-All, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Ultra Rapid Fire, 1v1, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch 10v10.

Other Tweaks

Training Mode: Added Movable targets and new challenges.

Domination: Capture progress will pause when players are not in the objective area.

Domination: Tunisia has been removed from Domination map list on normal MP.

Domination: Meltdown has been removed from Domination map list on Ranked MP.

Hardpoint: The next hardpoint in Hardpoint mode will be shown on map, but cannon be captured until it is unlocked.

Battle Royale

In Battle Royale Season 9, introducing new airdrop system, areas, new weapons, attachments, and items.

New Airdrop

Players may now acquire loadout customized weapons from airdrop. Every airdrop allows four players to choose one of their customized weapons from their loadouts. (One weapon per player / per airdrop)

New Areas

4 New Areas added to Battle Royale maps such as Radar Base, Dormitory, Outpost, and Camp.

New Weapons

New Battle Royale weapons fo all rarities added. The higher the rarity, the more attachments are available. Attachments are unable to be dropped or equipped to another weapon.

New Attachments

Augment your Battle Royale weapons with Gun Mods. More than 10 new mods to try. Gun Mods can be dropped or equipped to other weapons.

New Items

Armor Plate: Recover armor durability by 50%. Use armor plates to repair your vest.

Ammo types are nw matched to the corresponding weapon class.

New Ranked Season

The new Ranked Season 6  will start from 8.2020 - 10.2020.

Multiplayer Mode Ranked Reward

New epic blueprint: QQ9 - Eye Candy

New epic frame: Bomber Frame

New Charm: Submarine

Battle Royale Mode Ranked Reward

New Epic Character: Undead Warden

New Emote & Calling Card

New Battle Pass "Conquest"

The new Season 9 Battle Pass "Conquest" will be available on 16th August.

Premium Battle Pass Rewards

New Epic Looks for Lev Kravchenko and Nikto.

2 new Epic characters: Victor Reznov & Richtofen.

New weapon: Kilo Bolt-Action lazarus.

New Gunsmith cosmetics.

More Epic skins for QQ9, Chopper and many more.

New Legendary Calling Card: Take Cover.

New "Battle Dressed" Theme items.

Free Battle Pass Rewards

New marksman roifle: Kilo Bolt-Action.

New Scorestreak: Shield Turret.

Gunsmith - Weapon Customization

Each weapon has up to nine attachment slots and more than 50 attachments and gun perks available.

Earn attachments by upgrading your weapon level.

Legendary and Epic weapons are now Blueprints.

Rare and Uncommon weapons are now camo.

Highest weapon level is shared across all the unlocked weapons and blueprints of that type. There will be no more leveling required for each and every weapon you recieved.

Show off your own personal style with charms, stickers, reticles, and grind-able camos.

Save your newly designed weapon as a customized weapon to equip in your loadouts.

Too complicated? Try the recommended blueprints instead. Players are able to view the stats differences while modifying the weapons.

More Buffs Nerfs and Fixed


Increased Death machine long-range damaged, slightly increase fire rate, increased spin up time after moving.

Increased Sparrow drawing speed, Increased range when drawing Sparrow back for a shorter amount of time.

Increased War Machine's grenade area of effect. Decreased damage on player using War machine. Optimized animation.

Decreased Annihilator reloading speed after firing. Slightly decreased fire rate.

Slightly decreased Gravity Spikes area of effect.

Molotov Cocktail is now lethal equipment.

Significantly increase Molotov Cocktail damage.

Katana's name and model updated.

Deploying Stealth Chopper and Cluster Strike will activate a one-time UAV map scan and reveal curent locations of enemies.

Optimized reloading and firing animation.

Optimized visuals and behavior of laser sight attachments.

Optimized bolt pulling animation of bolt-action sniper rifles.

Extended time limit for squad filling in the middle of a ranked multiplayer match.

Fixed issue where the SMRS and War Machine can shoot through walls.

Fixed an issue that UAV shows enemy movement instead of current location.

Fix and issue with incorrect models in Attack of Undead.

Battle Royale

Poldergeist: Increased the invisibility for the first two seconds after activating Active Camo, regardless of distance.

Trap Master: Decreased Electric Trip Wire's damage and effect on enemy's movement speed.

The first safe zone appears earliers in game and collapse slower. Players have more time to reach the first safe zone.

Optimized water visual effect. Water Reflection available in "Very High" graphic quality.

Decreased tank's side armor. Adjusted tank's firing trajectory.

Tank airdrop is now a random event.

Area names are visible while jumping. Areas with better loot are displayed with orange name.

Optimized the ragdoll physics when being hit by vehicles.

Optimized character movement animation.

Optimized ladder climbing animation.

Optmized player animations when moving along walls.

Optimized health and armor UI.

New operning animation on the jump plane.

New armor penetration feedback.

New jump plane audio indicators.

Fixed an issue with tank spawning in unusable locations.

Fixed an issue where item models would disappear occasionally.

Fixed an issue where gunfire indicator would be the wrong direction on compass.

Fixed an issue where audio would cut out.

Ranked Matches

Optimized score logic for Ranked Multiplayer.

Optimized matchmaking logic for Ranked Multiplayer.

Optimized match report details.

Players in rank protection lose fewer rank points after a loss.

New squad view when loading into a match.

Optimized Ranked Battle Royale score logic.

Optimized matchmaking logic for Ranked Battle Royale.

New match report UI.

New animation for reaching each higher rank after Pro I.

Fixed an issue where players in rank protection were recognized as lower ranked.


Players can unlock most weapons, perks, Operator skills and Scorestreaks before level 55.

ICR-1, Cordite, HVK30, GKS, KN-44, Locus, Pharo, KRM262, HBRa3, Man-O-War and Razorback are now player level rewards. Other base weapons can be unlocked by completing challengeds in Gunsmith system or within the free Battle Pass.

Molotov Cocktail and Combat Axe are now player level rewards.

Players can have up to 10 loadouts in Multiplayer. Loadouts are 1-5 are unlocked immediately. Loadouts 6-10 are unlocked through level progression.

PLayer will now have 5 loadouts for Battle Royale.

All new player level rewards will be unlocked after upgrading to the new version.

All new UI for Multiplayer and Battle Royale lobbies. Players can view recommended events and claim rewards before starting a match.

Players can display calling cards, sparys and emote in Multiplayer and Battle Royale team lobbies.

Calling card can be shown in game using Control Layouts in Settings.

Movet event rewards will be claimed automatically during after match report.

New after match summary and sharing UI for Battle Royale winners.

New bug report system.

Optimized in-game HUD.

Optimized UI and user experience for Battle Pass.

Optimized ladder-climbing UI and customization option.

Source: Garena Call of Duty Mobile