Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Heat Patch Notes

Welcome to COD Mobile Season 6: The Heat Patch Notes. Here you can find new contents for Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Season 6 Battle Pass Release Date & Reward

Season 6 Pass available on 30 July.

New Premium Battle Pass Reward:

New weapon type: Rytec AMR

Anti-vehicle sniper rifle that can cause a lot of damage to vehicles in BR mode. It is equipped with the unique 25*9mm Thermite 5-R mag and 25×59mm Explosive 5-R mag and can kill opponents in one shot at close range.

New Melee:

  • Machete
  • Wrench
  • Katana

New ScoreStreaks: Swarm

Summon a swarm of Hunter Killer drones to detect and destroy enemies.

New Rank Series

The new Series starts from July 2021 to September 2021.

New season and new rewards, optimized quality of shared ranked pictures, the accuracy of the strength evaluation on MP Rank teams optimized.


New content in Season 6 featuring New Maps and New Featured Game Modes.

New Map:

  • Slums.
  • Stack.

New Featured Game Modes:

  • Face Off.

Battle Royale

New Battle Royale event featuring New Vehicle Muscle car.

Brand new powerful two-seater vehicle with a streamlined body that enables players to burn up the road.

Clan Wars Update

New rewards have been added to clan stores. Players can now view detailed information of clans, including clan trophies and historical performance. Clan leaders are now able to rename clans through name change cards that have been added to the clan store. Chat board now includes a ‘Recruit’ button. Clan leaders can also send detailed clan information to chat channels.

Message board has been added to Clan War maps. Click on the chat bar in Clan War to open the message board, and leave a message for your clanmates and foes!

Weapon Buff / Nerfs & Optimizations

Multiplayer Only:


 Without any attachment: Slight adjustments to bullet spread.

25 Round OTM Mag: decrease ADS time.

30 Round OTM Mag: increase movement speed, increase ADS movement speed.


Without any attachment: Enhance hip fire accuracy.

OWC Marksman:

  • Decrease vertical recoil.
  • Decrease horizontal recoil.

MIP Extended Light Barrel:

  • Decrease ADS time.

YKM Integral Suppressor:

  • Decrease ADS time.

40 Round Extended Mag:

  • Increase movement speed.
  • Decrease reload time.

48 Round Extended Mag:

  • Increase movement speed.
  • Decrease reload time.


.30-30 Ammo

  • Increased head part Damage multiplier.


Without any attachment: Increase Damage Range.

  • Increase reload speed .
  • Slightly increase ADS Bullet Spread.

Operator skill adjustment:

Bull Charge

Increase the energy consumed every time you hit the enemy.

Scorestreaks adjustment:

Hawk X3

Limit the lifting angle of the machine gun, decrease the duration, reduce the flying speed.

Other adjustment:


Decrease the burn damage slightly, decrease the duration of the speed reducing effect, decrease the explosion range slightly.


Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit.

Baseball Bat

Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit.


Slightly increase the damage range.

Bug Fixed


Fixed a bug where player can use the function of one click to ADS and fire continuously (and the fire rate limit is also broken) when using arctic.50.

Pine Collision BUG in Pine:

Fixed abnormal collision of a tree in Pine.


Fixed a bug where a flowerpot could cause a player to get stuck and players could cause damage through walls in the Terminal map.

Standoff Scene BUG in Standoff:

Abnormal display of the fountain in Standoff fixed.

Suldal Harbor Scene BUG in Suldal Harbor:

Missing oil drum in a corner of Suldal Harbor fixed.

Battle Royale

Vehicle related.

Add the function of customized Vehicle operation:

Added a separate setting for Vehicle in Settings, where players can customize their preferred vehicle operation mode, and size and position of buttons in each operation mode.

Balance adjustment of Vehicle:

Reduce the speed of Snowboard when the player skates in non - snow areas.

New setting:

The option to unfold Wingsuit by default - if the setting is on, the Wingsuit will unfold at a certain altitude, and if the setting is off, it requires another click to unfold the Wingsuit.

Sound visualization in mini map —— the player can choose to display the location of the sound or its direction.

Two modes of parachuting are available —— sliding the screen to turn by default, or sliding the screen to view surroundings which allows movements to be more natural.

Source: Garena COD Mobile

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