Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Rank Reward and Tier Reset

Find the reward of Season 6 rank in Call of Duty Mobile and tier reset for both Multiplayer and Battle royale ranked match.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Ranked - zilliongamer

We are only 3 days away from new rank series which is August 16TH, the Season 6 rank series will release with the Season 9 Battle pass and Gunsmith.

Rank Rewards List

Here the main rewards that you can get after reaching legendary in Season 6.

Ranked ModeReward
MultiplayerQQ9 - Eye Candy
Battle RoyaleTengu - Undead Crusade

QQ9 - Eye Candy

COD Mobile Season 6 MP Reward: QQ9 - Eye Candy - zilliongamer

QQ9 Eye Candy will be the reward that you can get after reaching Master III in Multiplayer match.

Tengu Undead Crusade

COD Mobile Season 6 BR Reward: Tengu Undead Crusade - zilliongamer

Tengu Undead Crusade is a new character that you can get after reaching Master II in Battle Royale match.

There are more rewards that will reveal once the update drop. However the 2 main rewards are 100 confirmed in game.

Rank Reset - What will be your rank in Season 6

Find out what will be your new rank in Season 6 in the table down below. The rank reset are the same for both MP and BR.

S5 RankS6 Rank After Reset
LegendaryPro I
Master 5Elite 5
Master 4Elite 4
Master 3Elite 3
Master 1Elite 1
Pro 5Vetaran 5
Pro 3 & 4Veteran 4
Pro 1 & 2Veteran 3
Elite 4 & 5Veteran 2
Elite 2 & 3Veteran 1
Elite 1 & Veteran 5Rookie 5
Veteran 2Rookie 3
Veteran 1Rookie 2
Rookie 1 - 5Rookie 1

Before You Go

Here is a short sneak peek of the upcoming COD Mobile Season 6 Ranked.


In conclusion, The new COD Mobile rank season 6 reset will be on August 16TH with brand new character and new QQ9 skins, frame and more.

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