Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Will Reduce Your Rank

The new update of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 will be live on 22, November 2019. There will be a ton of new contents, optimization, and weapon rebalance for players to expect. However:

A bad news for all rank grinder out there both Multiplayer (MP) and Battle Royale (BR) the update of season 2 will reduced your rank and it's confirmed 100%.

In a leaked S2 patch note by Viiper Gaming / Codmobile said Season 1 rank will not be fully reset, but will be reduced when entering season 2. How far can your rank be reduced? Well, really far.

Here is the Season 2 Rank list posted on twitter by HawksNest:

Season 1Season 2
Rookie 1 - 5Rookie 1
Veteran 1 - 2Rookie 2
Veteran 3Rookie 3
Veteran 4Rookie 4
Veteran 5Rookie 5
Elite 1 - 5Veteran 1
Pro 1 - 2Veteran 2
Pro 3 - 4Veteran 3
Pro 5Veteran 4
Master - LegendaryElite 1

There are also a bunch of optimization and rebalance in rank system and rank score when the season 2 start going live such as:

Optimization of Score in Ranking mode, now you will get it easier score at a high rank.

Optimization of match rank to reduce the waiting time for matching.

Fix problems with rank scores in some Rank.

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