Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes 2021

Welcome to Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 "Final Snow" 2021 patch Notes. Read details of this patch notes here.


Season 11 Multiplayer features new Map, Operator skill, Tactical equipment, return maps, and new game mode.

New Map: Icebreaker

The new map Icebreaker is now available for you to explore the world of icebergs and fight around the wreckage of submarines. Introducing more game play options, such as: battling inside the submarines, engaging in long-distance battle on the side roads and diving into the water to make a detour in combat!

The swimming function is now available in MP mode. Effects of entering and exiting the water are added and the animation for falling into the water is updated. (Some of these effects are only available in High and Very High picture quality).

New Operator Skill: Munitions Box

Spawning a Munition Box will replenish ammo and tactical equipment for the team and cause AOE damage when it is destroyed.

New Tactical: Decoy Grenade

Decoy Grenades are counter-intelligence grenades that can simulate gunshots and radar signals to disrupt the enemy.

Return Maps

The return maps in Season 11 featuring Nuketown - Russia and Raid - Holiday.

Nuketown - Russia

Nuketown is back covered in snow! Come experience a different combat environment in this bone-chilling Nuketown.

Raid - Holiday

Happy Holidays! The snow map is back for a limited period of time to chime in this holiday season!

New Game Mode: Snow Fight

What better weapons to use than snowballs during the winter break? In this new game mode, mystery gift boxes will randomly pop up for you to collect. Each gift box will give a certain kind of prop upon pickup.

Points earned from combat allows each team's Snowman to unlock different skins. Enjoy your winter holidays with endless surprises only in Snow Flight!

New Weapons

Season 11 featuring 2 new Weapons such as PKM and D13 Sector:


The PKM is a LMG with less maneuverability and attention but holds a stronger penetration and power at long-range distance.

D13 Sector

The D13 sector arrives in COD: Mobile as a truly unique weapon. It fires a razor-sharp disc that can bounce off of walls, and into opponents. Best utilized in a narrow combat environments, bring it into the battle for devastating results.

Undead Siege

The Undead Siege arrives in Blackout and the rewards given by Richtofen are updated. Survive the siege and complete Rictofen's mission to obtain the latest Dark Matter blueprint and Aether Crystal completionist camo!

Rank list has also been reset alongside with the map and game mode updates. The chance to rise above all is here! Are you up for the challenge?

New Mode: Undead Siege - Nightmare

The new Nightmare mode has raised Undead Siege to new difficulties. Game duration is now longer turning each game into a true hell to conquer.  Come and unlock Pack-a-Punch, night modifiers, Tempest, Raygun and many others as you fight on.

New Feature: Night Modifiers

In Nightmare mode, the zombies carry random modifiers on specific nights, such as: increase in Zombie speed, increase in Zombie damage, stunning defensive towers and decreasing defensive tower attack speed, and others.

New Task: Daily - Cerberus Mission

Cerberus forms the depths of hell appear in Blackout, warriors can complete the mission by killing a certain number of zombies in the hellfire circle.

New Machinery: Pack-a-Punch

Original featured in Call of Duty, Pack-a-Punch is now available. Use this machine to upgrade weapons in the Undead Siege (tactical equipment and Tempest excluded)!

New Map: Blackout

The Classic BR map, Blackout, is added to Undead Siege.

Balance Adjustments

Season 11 Balance Adjustments are exclusively for Multiplayer:


  • Base Get-Hit flinch reduced.
  • Recoil adjustment, optimize the abrupt trajectory to the upper right, so that the recoil is more steady when firing continuously.

Compared to the popular weapons, the CBR4 is more difficult to control in the current meta. The weapon has a large Get-Hit flinch that negatively impacts the gaming experience. Therefore, we improved the weapon handling for the CBR4.

Kilo Bolt-Action

  • Base ADS Time: 0.4 -> 0.38.
  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: ADS Time: +10% -> +7%.
  • OWC Ranger Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%.
  • OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%.

The Kilo Bolt-Action's base ADS time gives no advantage amongst other shooter rifles, and the disadvantage the ADS time give by the barrel attachments is vigorous. While the gun's range is not dominant and the overall ADS speed is slow, we have slightly improved the overall ADS speed of the gun.


  • Hipfire Bullet Spread reduced.
  • ADS Bullet Spread reduced.
  • 500gr Slug:
    • New effect: Reduce ADS spread.
    • Enhance effect: Damage range.

The slow fire rate of HS0405 did not meet anticipated results. Though the single shrapnel as a higher damage benefit, the excessive emission puts the actual combat intensity at a disadvantage. Therefore, the weapon emission is now reduced.

Scorestreaks - Stealth Chopper

Stealth Chopper's defense is slightly improved.

Bug Fixes

Here are some of the Bug Fixes for Season 11:

Battle Royale

R9-0: Fixed an issue where the BR general accuracy bonus did not take effect on R9-0.

Hipfire and ADS bullet spread: Compared to MP, reduced by 30%.

Credit: Garena CODM