Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2021 Patch Notes

Read Detail of COD Mobile Season 1 2021 "New Order" Patch Notes here:

Season 1 2021 Battle Pass

Premium Battle Pass Rewards

5 new epic Blueprints.

4 news epic Characters.

New Legendary Calling card.

Free Battle Pass Rewards

Base Weapon: FR.556, a fully automatic assault rifle with superior recoil control over different ranges.

New Event Rewards

New challenges and missions featuring New Weapon SKS, a semi-auto marksman rifle with fast fire rate as rewards.

New Operator Skill

Gravity Vortex Gun: A launcher that fires vortex projectiles that distort gravity. When the vortex disappears, it causes explosive damage to everything in its path.

New Tactical

Gas Grenade: A grenade that detonates after collision and releases continuous tear gas, causing deceleration, blurred vision and coughing.


New Featured Game Modes:

3v3 Gunfight: Gunfight mode with a team size of 3. Available on Gulag, Shipment, and other maps.

Attack of the Undead 20: Try to survive the 20-player version of Attack of the Undead, where two players are marked as undead at the start of the battle instead of one.

>Available on Hackney Yard, Meltdown, Raid, and more.

Hardcore: Hardcore Headquarters and Hardcore Hardpoint. Combat with low health, friendly damage, and no mini-map HUD.

>Available on Firing Range, Rust, Shipment, and more.

New Map

Reclaim: A new original map that pack with Fast-pace battle inside an abandoned shopping mall.

>Available for Team Deathmatch, Gunfight, 3v3 Gunfight, and more.

Battle Royale

New Game Mode

Blitz: Featured fast-pace game mode of 40 players with smaller safe zone which only needed 10 minutes to win the match.

Weapon Buffs and Nerfs


Man-O-War: Significantly increased ammo amount.

GKS: Significantly increased reload speed.


  • Increased No Stock ADS Speed.
  • Increased No Stock Movement Speed.


ASM10: Decreased Fire range.

DR-H: Decreased Reload speed.

Annihilator: Decreased damage on Shield Turret, Transform Shield. XS1 Goliath, Stealth Chopper, and VTOL.

Season 1 Optimizations

Fixed the issue where prone speed viewed by other players is too fast in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale Mode.

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