Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 1 (2024)

Assault Rifle is the king of mid to long range in Call of Duty Mobile. Starting 2024 with brand new Season 1 packs with nerfs and buffs to shake up the AR meta.

So If you are looking for the top performance assault rifles to use in Rank or just to help you win more gunfight at rank, you are at the right place.

These are the currently meta leader right now for Assault Rifles in COD Mobile that you can try out.

1. HVK-30 (Large Caliber Ammo)

The HVK-30 stand strong as the best assault rifle in the start of COD Mobile 2024. A true 3 shots AR that you should take advantage before it get nerfs.

Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: HVK-30

The HVK-30 deals very high damage with fast fire rate which generate a very fast time to kill and very low recoil allows for 3 shots up to mid range.

Playstyle wise, you can play very aggressive with the HVK-30 or play objective based. It fits both playstyle thanks to the damage range.

Note: You must use Large Caliber Ammo attachment to see the max potential of this weapon.

2. Grau.556

Ranking second in Season 1 we have the Grau.556 assault rifle. This AR is very strong for medium range.Second Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: Grau.556

Because the Grau has very low recoil control, you can beam the enemy at range very easy plus this AR also has high damage and very fast fire rate which allows you to eliminate enemy very quick.

When it come to playstyle, the Grau-556 fits very well for aggressive players because it has great overall mobility allows you to make important play.

3. DR-H (OTM Mag)

We put the DR-H third in Season 1 because of its recent buffs which improve the gun itself to a level that professional players start using it again.

Third Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: DR-H

The DR-H is an assault rifle that is well known for 3 shots enemy back in older season. Now it's look like the DR-H is coming back to dominate once again.

Performance wise, the DR-H deal very high damage when using any of the OTM mag, and it has fast fire rate with good accuracy for mid to long range.

Regarding playstyle, the DR-H fits more of a passive / objective players but aggressive players can also use it.

4. AS VAL (15 Round FMJ)

Ranking fourth is the AS VAL assault rifle with FMJ attachment, another Hard hitting AR that you should not skip when playing in Small map.

Fourth Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: AS-VAL

The AS VAL deals very high damage when you put the FMJ attachment on, however it won't be full auto anymore. You'll have to single tap the gun.

This gun become very powerful when you used it as a close to mid range weapon similar to SKS that can 2 or 3 taps the enemy easily.

If you are new to this weapon, it'll take you quite some time to get used to single tap firing but I promise you, it's worth the time.

5. Kilo-141

We put the Kilo-141 on rank 5 in Season 1. It's still a powerful assault rifle that is beginner friendly and great for range.

Fifth Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: Kilo-141

The Kilo-141 used to dominate CODM ranked lobby for a very long time, it still a good assault rifle thanks to its low recoil and fast fire rate.

This stats combo allows you to beam and eliminate at range easily and you shouldn't carry about the recoil at all which its why this gun is used a lot by new players.

For playstyle, the Kilo-141 is highly versatile, you can play this gun as aggressive as you can and as passive as you can, it's depend on your build.

6. Krig-6

Ranking number six we have the KRIG-6, a strong assault rifle with great mobility, strong at close to mid range.

Sixth Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: Krig-6

The KRIG-6 deals high damage with very fast fire rate and great accuracy allows for aggressive playstyle.

Recoil wise, the KRIG recoil pattern is a mix of vertical and horizontal which need you to control it a little bit.

7. LK24

Ranking seventh on our list is the LK24 assault rifle, a pretty good gun to use but require good aim to master.

Seventh Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: LK24

The LK24 deals high damage with fast fire rate and great accuracy, recoil wise the LK24 also has pretty low recoil and mostly horizontal.

So when it come to recoil control you'll find it just a bit harder compare to weapon with vertical recoil control.

8. KN-44

Standing on position eight we have the KN-44 assault rifle, this gun is well versatile and good for beginner.

Eight Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: KN-44

The KN-44 deals high damage with very fast fire rate and has very low recoil control allows for aggressive playstyle and can beam enemy at range easily.

For playstyle, the KN-44 can be play as aggressive run n gun and passive / objective playstyle.

9. M13

Ranking ninth is the M13 assault rifle, this AR has good performance and also good for beginner players.

Ninth Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: M13

The M13 assault rifle deals high damage with very fast fire rate and very low recoil control allows you to eliminate enemy pretty far at range.

The M13 has good mobility which also great for playing aggressive run n gun but it can also play passive / objective as well.

10. Peacekeeper MK2

Ranking last in the list is the Peacekeeper MK2, 

Tenth Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: Peacekeeper MK2

The Peacekeeper MK2 is an AR that output high damage with fast fire rate and good mobility. The PK-MK2 has complicate build that require you to build according to your playstyle.

Playstyle wise, the Peacekeeper can be play as both aggressive and passive or objective playstyle.


In conclusion, The Brand new season 1 of COD Mobile made a meta switch from fast fire rate weapon to a hard hitting weapon assault rifles. Have fun.