Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Attachment List


Here is everything that you need to know about Weapon Attachment in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer. Find out about it more!

In Call of Duty Mobile there are 12 weapon attachment those are optic, magazine, grip, stock, muzzle, and other.

All Weapon Attachment List

Optic List

  • Red Dot Sight: Precision red dot sight.
    • +5 Accuracy.
    • +5 Range.
  • Holographic: Provides a better view of targets vs reflex sights, but with less peripheral vision.
    • +5 Accuracy.
    • +5 Range.
  • Tactical Scope: Enhanced variable zoom sight.
    • +6 Accuracy.
    • +5 Range.

Tips: Equip optic on your weapon to improve the visibility and make shooting your target far more easier and accurate.

Grip List

  • Foregrip: Reduced recoil while aiming down the sights.
    • +10 Accuracy.

Tips: Equip foregrip to your weapon to improve weapon accuracy when firing.

Muzzle List

  • Silencer: Gunfire is hidden on enemy mini-map and makes it harder to be located.

Tips: Using silencer fit perfectly with stealth play style.

Magazine List

  • Fast mag: Reduce reloading time.
  • Extended Mag: Increase magazine capacity.

Tips: You can only equip 1 magazine attachment, if you aiming for fast reload time use fast mag, for more bullet capacity use extended mag.

Slide List

  • Laser Sight: Increase accuracy.
    • +10 accuracy.

Tips: Use laser sight for more accuracy in close range. 

Stock List

  • Stock: Increase move speed while aiming.
    • +10 Mobility.

Tips: Use stock for more mobility when holding weapon, fit perfectly with run and gun.

Other Attachment List

  • FMJ: Increases material penetration.
  • OTM: Increases ammo damage.
  • Quickdraw: Increase aim speed.
  • Long Barrel SG: Increase Barrel SG.