What is Hipfire in COD Mobile? Weapon Mechanic Guides

In COD Mobile there are two types of weapon firing, ADS (aim down sight) and Hip fire, if you are struggling to know which is which, you can check it down below.

Hipfire: What is it? How to use it?

In COD Mobile Hipfire is when you fire a weapon without having to scope in. You only used the crosshair.

What is Hipfire COD Mobile Answered

The Word Hipfire means you are shooting your weapon from the hip, you won't be accurate as aiming down sight but you will be able to shoot faster than your enemy.

Essentially, it’s a very simple form of weapon firing, and it’s very effective to use in close quarter gunfight.

Why should you use Hipfire?

When you use Hipfire you have advantage over your enemies on who gets to shoot their weapon first.

Because when hip firing, you eliminate the needed duration of aiming down sight.

Although the drawback of hip fire is that your bullets will go all over the place especially if you don’t build your weapon to be more accurate when hip firing.

When should you use Hipfire?

Close range and extremely close quarter gunfight is the best place to use hipfire. It’s allows you to hit more of your shots.

Tip to improve Hip Fire accuracy

If you feels like your weapon hip fire are inaccurate, we highly suggest you to try to use any attachments that has improve Hipfire Bullet spread.

When you equip these attachments, you will feel more accurate with your shot. Attachments that improve your hipfire accuracy are Laser, and Underbarrel. (Make sure you read their respective stats before equipping one).

Which guns should I use Hipfire in COD Mobile

Generally, you can use Hipfire with all guns but the best weapon type to get effective hipfire are SMGs, and Shotguns. Because these guns are highly build for close and close quarter gunfight so hipfire will help you tremendously. 

Overall, if you are struggling to win gunfights in close range, you should try to use hipfire and see if you can improve those winning rate and if you struggle with it's accuracy, try building a proper loadout with the thought of improve it's hipfire as well.