How to get Tac-Deploy in COD Mobile: New Operator Skill

Tac-Deploy is the newest operator skill in COD Mobile Season 7. Find out how to get this Operator skill and guide to use this here.

How to unlock Tac-Deploy in COD Mobile

In order to unlock Tac-Deploy you need to reach tier 14 in Season 7 Battle Pass. It’s very simple and you can unlock it for free.

Tips & Guides to use Tac-Deploy Operator Skill

In-game description: Tac-Deploy is a deployable beacon that allows your teammates to redeploy to the surrounding area.

Tac-Deploy COD Mobile

This operator skill is very good for the supporter role in the team where you can place it based on your strategy to confuse the enemy formation.

If you play with a full 5 stacked, you should only need one or two tac-deploy on your team.

The Tac-Deploy is very good to use for game modes like Hardpoint and Domination, it’s very good and highly technical to use during these game modes because you can easily break enemy playstyle easily and catch them by surprise.

Is Tac-Deploy Good For You?

This operator skill is highly based on your playstyle. If you are an aggressive player it doesn't really fit with you because you will need another aggressive operator skill.

However, if you are a support player that highly puts your team first, then the Tac-Deploy will fit you easily.

For example: The Tac Deploy can help you team rotate extremely fast during new hill (New hardpoint) or when you want to capture another domination point.

Allowing your team to rotate very fast can easily win you a game if you are not good enough to get kills, you can easily focus on objective and when you are on the objective place the Tac-Deploy and your teammate will spawn to help you protect the hill.

Overall, you should try out once to see if you like this operator skill or not, like we said it’s mainly built for supporters or for those that really focus on the objective during their match.