Shock RC Scorestreak Guide in COD Mobile

Find out How to use Shock RC scorestreak in COD Mobile effectively and also how to counter it here as well.

Scorestrike Overview

Shock RC Guide | COD Mobile | zilliongamer

Shock RC is an automatic scorestreak to use for map control in COD Mobile, it help to detect close range enemies and shock them for a short time so you can get free kill.

Score require: 450 (4 kills).

Unlock Shock RC: 2000 credits.

How To Use Shock RC Effectively

When placing Shock RC, the car will automatically go around the area to find the enemies, but it has a certain range and time before go to waste if it can't find any enemy.

It is very effective when you know the enemy are close to you but not where they are exactly, putting shock rc down and it will helps to scan the area that you doubt.

Use Minimap to your advantage, the red dot will pop up when the enemy firing their gun unless they use suppressor, if you spot the red dot close to you, activate Shock RC and it you will guranteed a free kill.

One more thing about Shock RC is that it can explode and also kill low health enemy.

Basically, To use Shock RC effectivly, you need to known where the enemy might be first either by footstep, minimap, or gunfire sound.

How To Counter Shock RC

Have you ever felt mad when you get shocked 3 times in a single match by Shock RC? Well, there are actually ways to counter it.

Counter Shock RC #1

To counter the Shock RC you will need to use Cold-Blooded perk, and Shock RC will just drive pass you like nothing happen. 

Cold Blooded perk in Call of Duty Mobile.

There you go, you countered it. It is because Cold-Blooded perk dose not allow Enemy AI-controlled scorestreaks to target you, and Shock RC is one of the AI-controlled scorestreaks.

Counter Shock RC #2

Top Frag in match, yes, it is simple. Get the highest kill count in your team and Counter Shock won't target you even if you don't have Cool-Blooded perk equipped.


In conclusion, Shock RC is a powerful scorestreak in COD Mobile that you should try it since it help a lot in controlling close area in the map.

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