How to get MacroMag IFS in COD Mobile : New ICR-1 Attachment

The MacroMag IFS is a new ammunition attachment for ICR-1 in COD Mobile. You can get this attachment in Season 7 by completing a Seasonal event call World of Hurt.

MacroMag IFS Stats & Guides

MacroMag IFS Stats & Guides

MacroMag IFS is a drum mag that effectively increases lethality with high charging speed, but reduces mobility due to additional weight.


  • +10% Damage Range
  • +35 Magazine Capacity
  • Increases Bullet Impact
  • Bullet Penetration


  • +40% ADS Time
  • -8% ADS Movement Speed
  • -6% Movement Speed

When using the MacroMag IFS on the ICR-1 the gun will be more powerful, however your overall mobility will be slower such as Aim Down Sight time, and movement speed.

Once you use the MacroMag IFS, we recommend you to play less aggressive to gain more advantages over the enemies, pick a strong position and pick off kills at ranges to maximize this attachment.

Basically, try to use the gun as a more of Light machine gun instead of close range run n gun aggressive playstyle with this attachment.

Gunsmith Tip: Focus on improving mobility with other attachments to reduce too much mobility loss when using the MacroMag IFS.

How to get MacroMag IFS attachments in CODM

You will need to complete a set of tasks in Season 7 seasonal event name: World of Hurt. It can be found in the seasonal event tab.

Note: You need to complete this task step by step in order to unlock MacroMag IFS:

  • Kill 15 Enemies with Any Assault Rifle Equipped with 2 attachments in MP Matches.
  • Use Frag Grenades 10 Times in MP Matches.
  • Win a MP Match with an Assault Rifle Equipped(Must be equipped in hand at the end of the match).
  • Kill 5 Enemies While Prone Using the ICR-1 Assault Rifle in MP Matches.
  • Kill 5 Enemies with the ICR-1 Assault Rifle Using Hipfire in MP Matches.
  • Kill 3 Enemies with the ICR-1 Assault Rifle Equipped with the Drum Magazine Sign.
  • Kill 15 Enemies with Headshots Using the ICR-1 Assault Rifle in MP Matches.

After you complete these tasks in order, you will unlock the MacroMag IFS.

Have fun with the new ammunition attachments, and if you arrived here, try it out in Battle Royale. You don’t need to thank us.