How to get Stim Shot in COD Mobile: Radiated Sector Event

Find out how to get Stim Shot in Call of Duty Mobile Radiated Sector event here.

Radiated Sector is a new featured event update today that require you to get stim shot to boost the resistance and unlock cool skins as a rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile Event: Radiated Sector - zilliongamer

How To Get Stim Shot?

To get stim shot in COD Mobile you need to kill enemies in any gamemodes. After the match end stim shots will be applied automatically to increase resistance.

How to get Stim Shot in COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Each minute of your match will require a certain amount of Stim shots to increase resistance by 1.

Increase resistance to collect all the rewards of the event.

How To Get Stim Shot Faster?

To get Stim Shot faster you need to play Tunisia and Attack of the Undead Gamemode, it will give you double amount of Stim Shots per kill.

Tips: Try to become the last survivor and find a safe 1 way spots to defend yourself and use death machine, shields, and trip mine.

Tips#1: Kills as much enemies as you can before the match end.

Rewards List

Here are all rewards that you can collect in this event:

BY15 - Hellion

COD Mobile BY15 - Hellion skin - zilliongamer

Required: 50 resistance.

PDW-57 Hotspot

COD Mobile PDW-57 - Hotspot skin - zilliongamer

Required: 200 resistance.

Chummed Waters

COD Mobile Calling Card Chummed Waters - zilliongamer

Required: 300 resistance.


In short, This is another great event for you to unlock a free epic PDW-57 skins, and a bunch of other rewards just by playing the game.