How to get Ghost Anno Dominate COD Mobile Newest Character

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Call of Duty game as a franchise, COD Mobile rewarded their players with a brand new Ghost Skin. Find out how to get this skin down below.

Go to EventsFeatured20th Anniversary Login Calendar.

How to get Ghost Anno Dominate COD Mobile

From there you will see that you need to login a total of 5 days to earn all rewards.

The free character Ghost - Anno Dominate will be unlocked once you reach Day 5 login.

Take a look at the character:

Ghost Anno Dominate COD Mobile free character

A full mask Ghost with Red stripe on his shirt, headphone, and shoelace, beside that its all black. It’s a really cool skin for Ghost that a lot of players in the community are very happy with.

This limited event “20th Anniversary Login Calendar” is only available for 7 Days. From 15/09/2023 to 22/09/2023 UTC.

Don’t miss a chance to claim this iconic Ghost skin for free by simply just login the game daily for 5 days straight.

Beside that you will also get a free calling card call Rainsoaked and 20 Year Warrior sticker, but that are not what we here for. We’re here for Ghost.

Overall, this is just a short article to inform those that always wanted a Ghost skin but never had a chance to, this is a great opportunity.