How to get Free Characters in COD Mobile (August 2023) Season 7

If you are looking for new characters but you don’t want to waste money on draw or opening crates, here are all characters that you can get for free in Call of Duty Mobile season 7.

1. Reaper Ride or Die

Reaper RIde or Die is an epic character that you can get for free via a featured event named Summer Sizzle. It’s a limited time event from 8/4/2023 - 8/17/2023.

Reaper Ride or Die

In order to unlock the character Reaper Ride or Die you need to complete daily tasks for Kebab token as well as answer a Daily question to get an extra kebab token.

Then use that Kebab token to start a party and your heat will start to increase, you will need to reach 1200 heat to unlock Reaper Ride or Die character.

2. Iskra - So Board

Iskra So Board is a rare character that you can unlock via a Seasonal event named Thrilling Heroics.

Iskra - So Board

Here are all the tasks to unlock Iskra - So Board. Note: You need to complete it in order.

  1. Kill 5 Enemies with Any SMG.
  2. Fire 500 Rounds.
  3. Kill 10 Enemies with Any SMG Using Hipfire.
  4. Kill 25 Enemies with Any SMG Equipped with 4 attachments.
  5. Kill 30 Enemies with Any SMG.
  6. Kill 10 Enemies with the Striker 45 SMG or Kill 15 Enemies with Headshots Using Any SMG.

3. Raines - Flamingo Party

Raines Flamingo Party is an epic character that you can unlock for free in Season 7 but you will need to wait until the end of the season to claim it.

Raines - Flamingo Party

Raines Flamingo will be able to claim once you reach Day 24th in Season 7, to see your progress go into Daily Tab - Monthly Login Calendar. You simply get this character for free by just opening the game daily.

4. Death Angel Alice - Vicious & Special Ops 5 - Imprint

Death Angel Alice Vicious is an epic character and Special Ops 5 Imprint is a rare character, you can get both of these characters for free by Opening Season 7 Daily Mission Crate.

Death Angle Alice - Vicious

Go into Daily Tab - Daily Missions, Complete all the tasks and you will get 1 Season 7 Daily Mission Crate per day. Stack them up for the whole season and you will be guaranteed to get both of the characters.

5. Alias - Under Water

Alias Under Water is an epic character that is one of the main theme characters for this season. 

Alias - Under Water

You can get Alias Under Water for free by playing Battle Royale and when you reach Grand Master III you will get this character.


Overall, If you are tired of using the same character every time, you can try to get all these characters and use them instead, plus they are all free and you just need to complete some tasks and you will get them. A win win.