Heartbeat Sensor Guide: How To Unlock, Use, & Counter

Find out How to unlock Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile here featuring How to properly use, and how you can counter it.

Heartbeat Sensor Overview

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In Call of Duty Mobile Heartbeat Sensor is a new tactical tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies. This item is very useful to track down the enemy in close to medium range although it can also be counter.

How To Unlock Heartbeat Sensor

You can unlock Heartbeat Sensor by completing tasks in Season 4 Seasonal event name "Under Pressure".

  1. Use the UAV scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches.
  2. Throw 10 tactical grenades in MP Matches.
  3. Kill 10 Enemies with Dead Silence Perk equipped.
  4. Use the trophy system 5 times in MP Matches.
  5. Win 3 games with the High Alert Perk equipped.

Tips: To complete the tasks above faster you can play Free-For-All gamemode in Shipment map.

How To Use Heartbeat Sensor

The best game mode to use Heartbeat Sensor is Search n Destroy (SND).

Heartbeat Sensor is in your Tactical Grenade slot, so make sure you switch it at the start of the game.

Heartbeat Sensor can detect the enemy up to roughly 28meter range.

When using Heartbeat Sensor you won't be able to hold your weapon, so make sure you have a good cover before you use it.

Heartbeat Sensor is very good to use for defending or holding the Bombsite so you can spot the enemy without peeking them.

Heartbeat Sensor is also good to use with Aggressive playstyle which allows you to hold the map choke point and control the position of the enemy around you.

How To Counter Heartbeat Sensor

Although Heartbeat Sensor is very good tactical item to use it can also be counter by using correct perk.

The perk that you need to use in order to counter the Heartbeat Sensor is: Hard Wired.

Hard Wired perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Hard Wired is a green perk that allows you to become immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades, and no longer trigger Trip Mines. Enemy tracker perk are also reduced.

The grenade mentioned in the perk above are all Tactical grenade which is also a slot to use Heartbeat Sensor.


In Conclusion, Heartbeat Sensor is a new tactical item that release in Season 4. This tactical has huge potential to change the overall COD Mobile playstyle. Although it is very powerful it can also be counter by perk.